Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well, obviously, haven't been updating this too often, but we've been busy. We hosted our first Thanksgiving at our house this year. Walt and Judy flew in from Corpus Christi, Texas. We waited for Amber and Stuart to get back from their honeymoon, so we had it on Sat. instead of Thursday. Lisa and Dennis came too, so we had a good, fun crowd. The food was great, the people were great and the entertainment was great (Catch Phrase and then Kansas University beating Florida in basketball)! We also took Walt and Judy on our boat downtown and ate at River City Brewing Company, went to Huguenot State Park and drove on the beach there, and went to the always entertatining and unique Clark's Fish Camp. Another huge happening they were able to witness was the picking of our first orange from our orange tree. We had a ceremonial sharing of the orange at Thanksgiving dinner. We had a fun time and were glad they visited.

Dustin also ran a half marathon when they were here on Thanksgiving morning. He ran a fast 1 hour, 36 minute half marathon (his PR-personal record). I don't think I ever mentioned his marathon time of 3:50:11 in DC (probably because I was jealous I never ran a sub 4 hour marathon). He is getting a little too fast for me, but I guess I'm used to him surpassing me in sports now. I still don't handle it very well, because I am very competitive, but I've somewhat accepted it now. Even though I don't beat his times, I've gotten more medals in triathlons than him because I place in my age group for females. That's what I have to tell myself to make me feel better when he crushed my times. We ran a Turkey Trot 5k on Nov. 18th and he came in first in his age group (20-29) for males, and I actually came in 1st out of all females in the race, so that was awesome. I got a trophy and he got a medal and we were pretty excited that we could compete in short races even though we've been training for more endurance.

We've been decorating for Christmas and I am now working on sending out a holiday greeting. It gets so hectic with the holidays, I figured I better do it now. It's hard to get in the holiday spirit with 80 degree temps. I was outside putting bows on the house today with flip flops, shorts, and a sleeveless shirt. I have to blare the Christmas music and make chocolate chip cookies to stay in the Christmas spirit. We are planning to leave for KC on the 20th and then fly to STL on the 24th and spend a few days there. Then, my parents are driving us back to Jacksonville! I know, kinda crazy; long story, but screw-ups with our plane tickets and pricing, plus my parents wanted to see our house decorated for Christmas. They will be here for New Years Eve and we are hosting a party again this year, so that should be fun. I really think the holidays are all about being with family and close friends and showing them how much they mean to you.

Another thing we have been thinking a lot about is our friend's dad who was diagnosed with lung cancer three weeks ago. Before that, he was a perfectly healthy 60 year old trying to help his wife recover from breast cancer. He came down with a cold, then went into the hospital, then the ICU, then passed away (way too quickly) this Saturday. We can't stop thinking about this and why something like this would happen to a great guy like this. We were lucky enough to meet him at Easter and he was just so full of life! It's hard to believe. I just hope that we can be there for her and her family. It's so hard to lose loved ones near the holidays especially. It just makes you think about how lucky you are to be on this earth every single day. I know I am not taking for granted my health or anyone else's, and I will always live life to the fullest!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

So, already, I'm not keeping up with this the way I wanted to. To summarize the last few days, I went to a Yoga class on Tuesday, we played tennis on Wed in San Marco with Tony, ran 4 miles on Thursday near our house and then lifted weights at our clubhouse (still sore), and Friday, we just walked. Saturday, I had a conference in Orlando about our business we are starting (exciting!) so I was gone from 6-6, so I didn't do any exercising today. However, Dustin ran over 9 miles this morning near our house to prepare for his upcoming marathon.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So, I am brand new at this blogging thing, but have always had a journal that I write in every once in awhile. I thought I could keep this up to date more than my journal on real paper. Plus, my husband, Dustin and I are beginning our training for the Ironman Wisconsin, so it's also my log of our training to show how crazy this endeavor is. The "race" is September 9th of 2007 and it will be a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. We are doing a half (half the distance) in May in Orlando. We just went to Panama City to watch our first Ironman, and boy, was it motivating! We just want to do it now, not have to wait 10 months, but we do need some time to work up to those distances! Of course, Dustin just completed the Marine Corps Marathon in DC and he's doing another marathon in Jacksonville on Dec 17th, so he's got his miles up for the marathon portion. After last year's Nike Marathon, I decided I wasn't doing any more for awhile (possibly never because of my knees), but I guess I have to do one at the end of the Ironman! How crazy is that??

As far as our training so far..........after watching the Ironman in Panama City, we woke up that next morning in our hotel and decided we needed to run/swim. We went for a five mile run and then tested the ocean water-it was a bit too cold, so we just swam for 15 minutes in the pool before hitting the road to go back to Jacksonville. We had to stop in Tallahassee and watch the Rams/Chiefs game (booooo, Dustin's Chief's beat us!). We will definately need to get a lot of swimming training in because the swim cut off time is 2 hours and 20 minutes; if you get out of the water after that time, they will not let you continue with the bike/run (we watched five people not make it in Panama City). It starts at 7 AM and you have to be finished by midnight to get a medal and be able to call yourself an Ironman. Some people come in with just minutes to spare and others don't make it. Hopefully that won't be us.

Yesterday, Dustin and I went to an hour long spin class which really made us sweat and then swam 600 meters in the pool. We are awaiting Kendra's training schedule that she is sharing with us for the half and the full. We will officially start training after Christmas, so I hope to get in some yoga/pilates classes, and a lot of tennis before then, so we won't get burnt out on just swimming/biking/running! Although, I will say that triathloning is so much more fun than marathoning in my opinion and you don't get as sore because you are working different muscles.

I thank Team in Training for introducing me to marathons and now triathlons. And I thank (well, we'll see how it goes) Kendra and Dustin for talking me into doing this Ironman. This is Dustin's last chance for awhile to train for something like this before he heads back out to sea (May of 2008) where he won't know his schedule or have enough time to put in the countless amount of training hours that it will take to complete an Ironman. Good luck to us!