Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So, I am brand new at this blogging thing, but have always had a journal that I write in every once in awhile. I thought I could keep this up to date more than my journal on real paper. Plus, my husband, Dustin and I are beginning our training for the Ironman Wisconsin, so it's also my log of our training to show how crazy this endeavor is. The "race" is September 9th of 2007 and it will be a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. We are doing a half (half the distance) in May in Orlando. We just went to Panama City to watch our first Ironman, and boy, was it motivating! We just want to do it now, not have to wait 10 months, but we do need some time to work up to those distances! Of course, Dustin just completed the Marine Corps Marathon in DC and he's doing another marathon in Jacksonville on Dec 17th, so he's got his miles up for the marathon portion. After last year's Nike Marathon, I decided I wasn't doing any more for awhile (possibly never because of my knees), but I guess I have to do one at the end of the Ironman! How crazy is that??

As far as our training so far..........after watching the Ironman in Panama City, we woke up that next morning in our hotel and decided we needed to run/swim. We went for a five mile run and then tested the ocean water-it was a bit too cold, so we just swam for 15 minutes in the pool before hitting the road to go back to Jacksonville. We had to stop in Tallahassee and watch the Rams/Chiefs game (booooo, Dustin's Chief's beat us!). We will definately need to get a lot of swimming training in because the swim cut off time is 2 hours and 20 minutes; if you get out of the water after that time, they will not let you continue with the bike/run (we watched five people not make it in Panama City). It starts at 7 AM and you have to be finished by midnight to get a medal and be able to call yourself an Ironman. Some people come in with just minutes to spare and others don't make it. Hopefully that won't be us.

Yesterday, Dustin and I went to an hour long spin class which really made us sweat and then swam 600 meters in the pool. We are awaiting Kendra's training schedule that she is sharing with us for the half and the full. We will officially start training after Christmas, so I hope to get in some yoga/pilates classes, and a lot of tennis before then, so we won't get burnt out on just swimming/biking/running! Although, I will say that triathloning is so much more fun than marathoning in my opinion and you don't get as sore because you are working different muscles.

I thank Team in Training for introducing me to marathons and now triathlons. And I thank (well, we'll see how it goes) Kendra and Dustin for talking me into doing this Ironman. This is Dustin's last chance for awhile to train for something like this before he heads back out to sea (May of 2008) where he won't know his schedule or have enough time to put in the countless amount of training hours that it will take to complete an Ironman. Good luck to us!


Blogger Kristi said...

Yeah!!! Welcome to blog world! I'm so excited that you guys are doing Ironman...I'm not brave enough/crazy enough to try that.
Plus there's that whole swimming thing that really freaks me out...

3:55 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WoW! Angie - great to read about your journey in blogland! I can't believe you are doing an Ironman. After Chicago I think I'm done for awhile.
Can't wait to hear about your journey

9:10 AM  

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