Monday, December 11, 2006

Without even doing any serious training yet, we sure have invested a lot of time on Ironman prep. Despite going to my work holiday party, running four miles and doing a lower body workout, we pretty much spent this past weekend going to 7 different bike shops in the area comparing bikes and prices. We also have been watching the recordings of all the Ironman races that happened earlier in the year. We are a bit motivated; we want to do the race tomorrow! Of course, we would probably die! We went for a short ride tonight after work, 15 miles on Wonderwood bridges (two big hills with other rolling hills). We were going 32 mph at one point down a hill and a heck of a lot slower going up.

One of the stories on Hawaii Ironman was about John Blaze who has ALS. That was truly a sad story. He barely completed the Ironman last year, and this year, he is already in a wheelchair, unable to walk. It is an even more progressive disease than I realized, and another reason to "seize the day"

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We thought we were sitting down to just relax and watch some college basketball. Boy, were we wrong! We were watching the tournament to benefit the Jimmy V foundation for cancer research. They showed his speech at the ESPY's in 1993 which I have never seen before. With all the involvement that we have had with Team in Training, and all the inspirational speeches from those who were affected by cancer, it just seems that now, this powerful speech meant too much to us now as we have a close friend who just lost her father to lung cancer. Jimmy V said a few things that I will restate. He said, in order to live a complete life, you should laugh, think, and show emotion every day. He said that cancer could not ever touch his heart, his sole, or his mind. And he said, "Don't give up, don't ever give up!" WOW!
Another productive day; is it weird that I base my happiness on productivity? After the Sunday that I spent on the couch all day, I felt guilty, sluggish, unhappy. After today, which really was just a busy patient day, with paperwork, figuring out some more business stuff, lifting weights, finally going through mail, watching the KU basketball game, catching up on email, I feel relieved, productive, happy, and ready to go to bed and have some pleasant dreams! Good night!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Self discipline, how does it work? Can you be taught self discipline? Is it an inherited trait? I had a lot of time to think about this and other in depth things as I biked 33 miles in the rain by myself most of the time. Dustin and Dave were running 20 miles in prep for the Jax marathon, and I definitely didn't want to run anywhere close to that mileage, but wanted to get a good workout in. I placed gatorade, water, and gus for the boys. Dave completed his longest run ever and I completed my longest ride ever. Dustin's achilles tendon was bothering him, so he "only" ran 18, but did well despite the pain. So, I hadn't been biking for awhile, but that was pretty hard, and we have to bike 79 more miles for the race in September. Pretty crazy! I did want to run a little after the bike, but I only ran 1.5 miles because my feet were cramping up so badly because they were wet and cold. (Although not as cold as it would have been biking in Kansas or Missouri after the awful snow/ice storms they had recently. My parents still don't have electricity, but I know they are okay, because they turned the generator on long enough to email.)

Tonight, we are going to a fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at Heather's. It should be a lot of fun, so we need to get some rest before the party.