Monday, December 11, 2006

Without even doing any serious training yet, we sure have invested a lot of time on Ironman prep. Despite going to my work holiday party, running four miles and doing a lower body workout, we pretty much spent this past weekend going to 7 different bike shops in the area comparing bikes and prices. We also have been watching the recordings of all the Ironman races that happened earlier in the year. We are a bit motivated; we want to do the race tomorrow! Of course, we would probably die! We went for a short ride tonight after work, 15 miles on Wonderwood bridges (two big hills with other rolling hills). We were going 32 mph at one point down a hill and a heck of a lot slower going up.

One of the stories on Hawaii Ironman was about John Blaze who has ALS. That was truly a sad story. He barely completed the Ironman last year, and this year, he is already in a wheelchair, unable to walk. It is an even more progressive disease than I realized, and another reason to "seize the day"


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