Sunday, January 07, 2007

Friday was our rest day and we enjoyed it. Dustin made me a spaghetti dinner with vodka sauce! Yum! Saturday morning, we woke up at 5:45 AM to meet up with our "old group". Harold organized it and it was Toni, Chris, Rebecca, Cyndie, Kathryn, Joe, and our new running friend, Lauren too! It was good to see everyone! We were supposed to bike and then run, but we sacrificed for company of our running friends. We ran 4 miles (42:31-definitely conversation pace), (others ran 6) and then we jumped on the bike for 20 miles. (Lauren immediately went to a spinning class with her DAD, good job guys!) We biked down to Mandarin Road and then back onto San Jose for awhile. It is a pretty flat course, but had more ups and downs than I anticipated. I wasn't having the best day when biking; my feet were hurting and I was just tired. (During the run, I felt good). I took a gu and felt a little bit more energy. It took us 1 hour, 14 minutes for our 20 miles and averaged 16.3 mph. That's really not that fast for how tired our legs were, so we really hope to get faster througout the season. Then I ran for 15 minutes, 1.7 miles, at a 9 minute mile pace (Dustin only ran about 6 minutes before his achilles started to bother him). We've been good about eating peanuts right after our workouts to get protein to make sure our muscles rebuild quicker and I think it's working! Later that day, we are sorry to say we watched the Chiefs lose over at Matt and Shannon's. Besides the loss, it was fun. We just love Matt and Shannon and hope that they will bike with us sometimes this season!
They did the Disney olympic distance tri in the past, so we know they can do it!

This morning, Sunday, we slept in a little til almost 9 and then went for a 13 mile bike (46 minutes at a 16.7 mph average) on Wonderwood expressway with a tailwind on the way down, and a headwind on the way back. I am horrible at standing up on the bike when going up hills; hopefully something I will also get better at. Then, we ran at Ed Austin Park on the trails (Dustin 16 minutes, me 31 minutes). It was an okay run, averaged 9:15 mile with stomach cramps and it was hot (almost 80 degrees in January!). When we came home, we went to the pool and laid out for awhile. It was actually hot. Then, we got the guts enough to hop in the pool. I have never swam in water so cold. Dustin estimates that it was 55-60 degrees (and we know he's never wrong). We only swam for about 10 minutes, but we figured it was good for us to reduce inflammation in our muscles. I actually got sunburned too! We are also excited that (Dustin's brother) Travis, Robin, and Kiona are finally making plans to come visit in April! Now, we are watching the KU basketball game, drinking some wine, and getting ready to go to Amber and Stuarts for some kabobs for dinner. Exercise, family, friends, sports, and food, that's pretty much all we live for! And, because of all those things, we had a wonderful day.


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