Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's been awhile and I won't bore you with too much catching up. We started our official Ironman training plan yesterday! When I got home from work, we rushed off to try to get in a 15 mile bike ride, but only got in 11 miles on a hilly and WINDY Wonderwood expressway in 43 minutes (it gets dark so early!). This was my first ride on my new bike. Because of the wind, I couldn't get a real feel for it, but I think I'm gonna love my aero bars (where I can put my forearms down instead of putting all the weight through my hands, which get really sore very easily). I also got new shoes which are TONS better; my old ones were too big and my feet moved around too much, making me inefficient in my pedal stroke! Later at 8:30 PM, we swam at the Yates YMCA pool 1200 meters (I swam it in 27:11 and Dustin swam it in 24:58). That was the longest swim we had done in awhile, and we both did well and felt pretty good afterwards.

Today, after I saw a couple patients, we drove to Melbourne, FL to meet Maureen, Shannon, Erin, and Amy (on vacation from St. Louis) for lunch at the beach and then for some beach games. It was fun to hang out with them in Florida! Then, we drove the 2.5 hours back and somehow motivated ourselves to workout when we got back at 8 PM. Because of Dustin's sore achilles, he wanted to just run on the treadmills at our neighborhood gym, so that if he needed to stop, he could easily and then I could keep going. This worked since he did 2 miles and then started feeling it and then he lifted arm weights while I finished my 5 mile (no hill) run in 46:11. We then did abs and low back and then came back and ate leftovers! Ah, what a day/night! Now, I'm sitting here watching LSU and Notre Dame, glad that I finally started writing in this again.

Tomorrow, our plan is to meet with the "Masters Swim Team" at the YMCA to get some more swimming in. We might do a spinning class before that if I get done with work in time.


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You are inspiring! Good luck with the training.

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