Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This morning, I ran 7 miles and Dustin ran 4 (he ran 3 yesterday with his ROTC unit). It took me 56:21 which is right at an 8 minute mile! Yeah! I'm proud that I'm running that fast still. I don't think I have mentioned that we got our heart rate moniters either! What a dimention that has added to our training! It's fun to see heart rate, pace and distance (with a foot pod), calories burned, etc. and then it stores it in files that we can download to the polar website. My average heart rate for the run was 161 (a bit high, but I was working hard) and I burned 646 calories. When we biked on Saturday, I burned 1277 calories. What sucks is that Dustin is always burning more calories than me because of his height and weight, so of course he's gonna lose more weight! Unfortunately, we couldn't get the heart rate monitors to work in the pool, even though they claim they are able to. It's nice to get the workout done in the morning like today so I can get other stuff done in the evening. Good night!


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