Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tonight, we went to the Yates YMCA again for a spin class at 5:30 with Bob who we liked a lot. I have been to many different classes with different instructors and his was the best. We sweat a hell of a lot for an hour and then ran down to the pool. We were supposed to be meeting this "masters swim team" for a guided workout, but no one showed, so we did our own 1200 yard workout of ten 50's with every other one fast or easy. Then we did a 300 fast, a 200 easy, and then a 100 fast, with a 100 cool down. I think we will probably mix it up like that and do a long swim one night like we did on Tuesday, and then a workout similar to that on Thursday or whatever nights we end up swimming for sure. Tomorrow is our rest day, and I'm gonna love it. I'm not really that sore, just tired and ready for rest and this is only the first week! Yikes!


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