Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yesterday morning, we got up just before 7 to run. It was pretty cold for Florida, 41 degrees, and we are wimps, so we ran over to our community gym and ran on the treadmill for 5.5 miles. That was boring, but we watched the morning show and ran for about 50 minutes, about a 9 minute mile with no incline. We should start adding inclines every now and then if we are gonna run more on the treadmill, but I really don't prefer to. I also did abs and low back. Then I went to work and Dustin went to school. When I got home about 4:30, Dustin quickly fixed Bertoli pasta for dinner and then he went to his night class and I went to a Yoga class. I would really like to incorporate Yoga and/or Pilates into our training for flexibility. Many training experts for Ironman training say that is a good idea. By the way, we are following a training plan that one of the coaches for the San Diego Triathlon club formed. Kendra used this last year and then she tweeked it a bit and shared it with us! Thanks Kendra! So far, we have pretty much done exactly what the schedule has called for. We have it and other inspiring things on a new bulletin board in our laundry room and check off our training after it's done. Now, tonight we were supposed to run 6.5 miles but neither of us really wanted to. Dustin had a lot of homework and his achilles wasn't feeling great and didn't want to overdo it. Somehow, despite his valid excuses, I got my running clothes on and ran around our neighborhood circle 9 times plus some (.7mile circle) in 56 minutes. It was pretty cold and windy, but I couldn't take another treadmill run. I would wave to Dustin as I passed our window while he was in the office working diligently on his homework. I didn't have stomach cramps, but had to use the bathroom midway through! Good thing I was running right by our house 9 times! Now, we will be watching the KU game in a little bit and relaxing. Tomorrow, we have another swim day and may or may not do the spin class, depending on time.


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