Monday, February 26, 2007

Last Wednesday, we ran 9 miles in the morning at an 8:27 pace, burned 961 calories, then went off to work and a busy day. Then, Wed night, we went to our first TNT swim practice with Roberta who coached us very well; we swam about 1500 meters. We were pretty tired after running so far in the morning, and not getting done swimming until 8:30 at night. Then,

Thursday, we went to our spin class with Bob, and then masters swim class with Christine and she worked our ass off! I can't say it any other way; I've never been worked out like that in the pool. We swam a total of 2700 meters, the furthest we have ever swam in one pool session.

Friday, we were off and spent our night preparing for the poker party we were hosting for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Saturday morning, we biked 50 miles!; the most we have ever done and it wasn't even really that hard. We averaged 16.8 mph and we biked along San Jose, up to the Riverside YMCA, over the Acosta Bridge and then back down San Jose and around Mandarin Road. It wasn't as windy as last week, so that was good; we didn't even need to wear jackets!! We burned 1940 calories, so rewarded ourselves with Firehouse Subs afterwards! Saturday night, we had an awesome party and raised $2395 with the support of our wonderful guests! Thanks again everybody!

Tonight, Monday, Dustin had to study, but I rode the recumbent bike for 30 minutes and then ran 5 miles down Kernan. My goal was to keep my heart rate around 145, and I was still able to average 8:55 mile and I didn't really even feel like I was really working. It was perfect running weather, in the 60's with a little breeze; I loved it!

Spoke with Maw Maw when I got home; she has a blood clot in her leg, but is still staying upbeat, and not having any other side effects from the chemo, so that's good.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday, I went to a Yoga class that I have been going to for a few weeks now. I really like it a lot, and flexibility is very important with all of our training. Dustin has class on Tuesdays, well only for two more weeks, so I am going to make him go with me after that. He is so inflexible, it's not even funny! Before the Yoga class, I warmed up on the recumbant bike for 3 miles while playing BINGO, yes, BINGO in the workout room for the people on the machines who wanted to play, weird, but different, and you know I like different. I didn't win though! Tomorrow morning, our plan is to run 9 miles and then go to TNT swim practice tomorrow night, oh yeah, and work all in between! Busy day ahead of us and we still need to watch American Idol tonight too! :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Much catching up to do, as usual. I can't believe how well Maw Maw is doing. She had her first chemo treatment on Thursday for six hours. She came home afterwards and has been feeling fine with no side effects to mention yet, which is unbelievable! I think she is more positive now than she was before this diagnosis. It is so good to hear her positive voice on the phone. I hope the treatments continue to go this well for her. It inspires us even more to hear her in such high spirits, despite what she has to go through.

As far as our training:
Sunday, we were lazy as far as training, but got a lot done for Team in Training, for our business, All Around Physical Therapy, and just odds and ends we had to catch up on.

Monday, we ran 4 miles at a 7:22 mile and then swam 1700 meters straight at the pool; the most we have ever swam with no rest breaks.

Tuesday morning, we got up early and did a 12 mile bike ride on Wonderwood bridges.

Wednesday, when I got off work, we quickly ran 8.5 miles before our Valentines Day dinner at the Brick. It was pretty windy, and we ran a loop, so we didn't have water, and the wind was really bad on Wonderwood, but other than that, it was a nice romantic run :)

Thursday, we went to Bob's spin class for an hour and then Christine's masters swim class. We did a bunch of drills to work on speed and it was super tiring! We swam a total of 2400 meters, the most we have done in one pool session, although we had points where we stopped, but we were swimming really fast in between!

Friday, we were off, but had a girls night which was fun while Dustin was working at Daytona for his ROTC unit.

Saturday, we ran 5.5 miles downtown, but didn't run over the bridges, just a nice relaxing jog, this time up and down the streets exploring downtown; it was different and fun! Before this, we went to Annie Wilson's Homecare Fair where we had a booth to promote our business. We really didn't feel like running after that, but I am proud that we did! We rewarded ourselves by going to a Thai restaurant called Lemongrass that was absolutely fabulous!

Sunday, it was cold and windy, so we waited until about 2:00 to do our ride. We rode 45 miles-the most we have done yet! We needed to up our mileage because we will be out of town a lot in March. We rode from the Yates Y, down San Jose Blvd, around to Mandarin rode and stopped in at Toni and Harold's to use the bathroom! The last ten miles were killer with the winds, but we hung in there and it really wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. We both feel fine today with no aches or pains! We brought stuff to shower at the Y and then rushed to eat at Sushi Cafe and then see The Peking Acrobats perform at Florida Theater! It was awesome! I am always wanting to do different things and this definitely qualified. An overall great weekend!

Today, Monday, we had to meet with our accountant to do our taxes at 5 PM, so we decided to have another "lazy" night because we are swimming with Team in Training on Wed, and then at the Y on Thursday.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

First things first with Maw Maw. She is doing better and is ready for her treatment to begin. She goes to get a port in her chest tomorrow, and then starts her chemotherapy on Thursday. It will last 4-5 hours and then she will have to go in the next day for a shot. She is staying optimistic and they say the treatments are have been really effective. We think of her often during our training and are thankful for what we are able to do in her honor. We have raised $1176 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in just two weeks from our great supporters that we have emailed. Thanks again!

Now, I will go back to last week and catch you up:
Superbowl Sunday: We wanted to bike later in the day when it was warmer, but Megan insisted that we go in the morning, so we met her at 8 AM at Monument/McCormick and it was 42 degrees and windy! We biked the long, steep bridges on Wonderwood and were hardly moving with the wind. Our hands and feet were completely frozen, but we were making it. We biked down to the beach and got almost to Sneakers, when I had to make a bathroom stop. As I come out of the bathroom, I sadly find that Dustin and Megan were conspiring a plan to go back because they were cold. I was cold too, but wanted to keep going. I kept thinking of Rick and Dick Hoyt, Blazeman, etc who if they could, would love to be able to go for a bike ride, no matter the temperature. They weren't having my positive attitude, so we turned around. Megan's boyfriend was in from out of town, so I could see the point in her wanting to get back (because we were going slow because of the wind). However, Dustin was going to have to wait for me in the car anyway, so I continued to try to persuade him with my positive attitude. His poor, frozen feet weren't having that though, so his wimpy butt went back to the car and waited as I biked 10 more miles to total 35. I felt very accomplished afterwards, was proud that I continued on without them, but was very disappointed in Dustin. He is the reason I signed up for this Ironman so we could do it together before he is back at sea. I never thought that he would wimp out on me like that, and I hope he never does it again. Okay, got that off my chest, whooo! We went to Panera afterwards to defrost and then got ready for the Superbowl.

Monday, we went for a 5 mile run around Hickory Creek neighborhood (we were supposed to swim, but Dustin had stitches from a mole removal on his back).

Tuesday, Dustin had class, and I got consumed with business, and Team in Training stuff, so we skipped a day!

Wednesday, Dustin had sailing practice and an 8 mile run was on the schedule. Because of Team in Training, I have never run long distances by myself, but I was going to have to that day. I went up to Ed Austin park where they have a 1.7 mile loop that I ran 4 times plus some more. It sucked running alone, but I was proud of myself when I was done.

Thursday, we went to Bob's spin class and then to the Masters swim where we got all kinds of good advice from Christina and a good workout too! We swam 1800 meters.

Friday, we were off, Saturday, we met the new TNT group at Ballwin Trail and rode 30 miles (just Megan and Dustin and I did that many). We ran 2 miles afterwards. It was still cold, but not as cold as last week. I was pleased to say that Megan and Dustin didn't leave me this time. I think their feet hurting, hurt less than me talking about how they "broke the circle of trust" last week, so they were troopers this time! Thanks guys! I trust you again!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Got some catching up to do. Last Friday, we were off. Saturday, we biked 25 miles with Nate downtown and onto San Jose. We immediately, ran the bridges (always hard) 2.5 miles afterwards. On Sunday, we did our own little triathlon in a way. We first ran 3.5 miles on the bridges downtown, then we swam at the Yates Y 1500 meters, then we went to a spin class for an hour (because my bike was in the shop adjusting the computer). It was tiring, but it seemed easy in comparison to the first few sprint tri's that we did (which were much shorter). We swam that day because Dustin was going under the knife on Monday, to get some sexy moles removed, and he's not supposed to swim for 2 weeks. Then, came the week of sickness. First I got the flu (the kind where you aren't sure if it's food poisoning or not :) and then gave it to Dustin. It was pretty bad, so we didn't train at all until I swam (by myself :( on Friday 1500 meters and then biked 10 miles to try to make up for some of what I missed. Then, this morning, Saturday, I ran with our old running group 8 miles and averaged a 8:28 pace. My quads were hurting pretty bad afterward, but I was proud that I stayed with the boys, and even prouder that I got up out of bed without Dustin at 6 AM!!! Tomorrow, we organized a 35 mile bike with some friends and then we will be watching the Superbowl! So, even though I was sick this week, I only missed a 4 mile run and a 5.5 mile run and Bob's spin class. So, figured I would update you on our totals for January: 10, 850 meters of swimming, 242 miles of biking and spinning, 57.5 miles of running. Now, if we stick to our training schedule, we should be increasing those numbers by a LOT each month. Hopefully I will be able to report to you that we will be doing just that.