Saturday, February 03, 2007

Got some catching up to do. Last Friday, we were off. Saturday, we biked 25 miles with Nate downtown and onto San Jose. We immediately, ran the bridges (always hard) 2.5 miles afterwards. On Sunday, we did our own little triathlon in a way. We first ran 3.5 miles on the bridges downtown, then we swam at the Yates Y 1500 meters, then we went to a spin class for an hour (because my bike was in the shop adjusting the computer). It was tiring, but it seemed easy in comparison to the first few sprint tri's that we did (which were much shorter). We swam that day because Dustin was going under the knife on Monday, to get some sexy moles removed, and he's not supposed to swim for 2 weeks. Then, came the week of sickness. First I got the flu (the kind where you aren't sure if it's food poisoning or not :) and then gave it to Dustin. It was pretty bad, so we didn't train at all until I swam (by myself :( on Friday 1500 meters and then biked 10 miles to try to make up for some of what I missed. Then, this morning, Saturday, I ran with our old running group 8 miles and averaged a 8:28 pace. My quads were hurting pretty bad afterward, but I was proud that I stayed with the boys, and even prouder that I got up out of bed without Dustin at 6 AM!!! Tomorrow, we organized a 35 mile bike with some friends and then we will be watching the Superbowl! So, even though I was sick this week, I only missed a 4 mile run and a 5.5 mile run and Bob's spin class. So, figured I would update you on our totals for January: 10, 850 meters of swimming, 242 miles of biking and spinning, 57.5 miles of running. Now, if we stick to our training schedule, we should be increasing those numbers by a LOT each month. Hopefully I will be able to report to you that we will be doing just that.


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