Monday, February 26, 2007

Last Wednesday, we ran 9 miles in the morning at an 8:27 pace, burned 961 calories, then went off to work and a busy day. Then, Wed night, we went to our first TNT swim practice with Roberta who coached us very well; we swam about 1500 meters. We were pretty tired after running so far in the morning, and not getting done swimming until 8:30 at night. Then,

Thursday, we went to our spin class with Bob, and then masters swim class with Christine and she worked our ass off! I can't say it any other way; I've never been worked out like that in the pool. We swam a total of 2700 meters, the furthest we have ever swam in one pool session.

Friday, we were off and spent our night preparing for the poker party we were hosting for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Saturday morning, we biked 50 miles!; the most we have ever done and it wasn't even really that hard. We averaged 16.8 mph and we biked along San Jose, up to the Riverside YMCA, over the Acosta Bridge and then back down San Jose and around Mandarin Road. It wasn't as windy as last week, so that was good; we didn't even need to wear jackets!! We burned 1940 calories, so rewarded ourselves with Firehouse Subs afterwards! Saturday night, we had an awesome party and raised $2395 with the support of our wonderful guests! Thanks again everybody!

Tonight, Monday, Dustin had to study, but I rode the recumbent bike for 30 minutes and then ran 5 miles down Kernan. My goal was to keep my heart rate around 145, and I was still able to average 8:55 mile and I didn't really even feel like I was really working. It was perfect running weather, in the 60's with a little breeze; I loved it!

Spoke with Maw Maw when I got home; she has a blood clot in her leg, but is still staying upbeat, and not having any other side effects from the chemo, so that's good.


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Awesome! I dig your blog. See you guys next time.

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