Monday, February 19, 2007

Much catching up to do, as usual. I can't believe how well Maw Maw is doing. She had her first chemo treatment on Thursday for six hours. She came home afterwards and has been feeling fine with no side effects to mention yet, which is unbelievable! I think she is more positive now than she was before this diagnosis. It is so good to hear her positive voice on the phone. I hope the treatments continue to go this well for her. It inspires us even more to hear her in such high spirits, despite what she has to go through.

As far as our training:
Sunday, we were lazy as far as training, but got a lot done for Team in Training, for our business, All Around Physical Therapy, and just odds and ends we had to catch up on.

Monday, we ran 4 miles at a 7:22 mile and then swam 1700 meters straight at the pool; the most we have ever swam with no rest breaks.

Tuesday morning, we got up early and did a 12 mile bike ride on Wonderwood bridges.

Wednesday, when I got off work, we quickly ran 8.5 miles before our Valentines Day dinner at the Brick. It was pretty windy, and we ran a loop, so we didn't have water, and the wind was really bad on Wonderwood, but other than that, it was a nice romantic run :)

Thursday, we went to Bob's spin class for an hour and then Christine's masters swim class. We did a bunch of drills to work on speed and it was super tiring! We swam a total of 2400 meters, the most we have done in one pool session, although we had points where we stopped, but we were swimming really fast in between!

Friday, we were off, but had a girls night which was fun while Dustin was working at Daytona for his ROTC unit.

Saturday, we ran 5.5 miles downtown, but didn't run over the bridges, just a nice relaxing jog, this time up and down the streets exploring downtown; it was different and fun! Before this, we went to Annie Wilson's Homecare Fair where we had a booth to promote our business. We really didn't feel like running after that, but I am proud that we did! We rewarded ourselves by going to a Thai restaurant called Lemongrass that was absolutely fabulous!

Sunday, it was cold and windy, so we waited until about 2:00 to do our ride. We rode 45 miles-the most we have done yet! We needed to up our mileage because we will be out of town a lot in March. We rode from the Yates Y, down San Jose Blvd, around to Mandarin rode and stopped in at Toni and Harold's to use the bathroom! The last ten miles were killer with the winds, but we hung in there and it really wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. We both feel fine today with no aches or pains! We brought stuff to shower at the Y and then rushed to eat at Sushi Cafe and then see The Peking Acrobats perform at Florida Theater! It was awesome! I am always wanting to do different things and this definitely qualified. An overall great weekend!

Today, Monday, we had to meet with our accountant to do our taxes at 5 PM, so we decided to have another "lazy" night because we are swimming with Team in Training on Wed, and then at the Y on Thursday.


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