Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Catching up: Wednesday, March 14, I ran 11 miles around Ed Austin Park and on Fort Caroline Road. Thursday, we went to spin class with Bob and then swam 2300 meters. We returned home to finish our packing for our cruise! We left on Friday to drive down to Miami and stayed at Ruben and Michelle's (even though they were in NY). You can even see the cruise ships from their condo, so that was awesome! Saturday, we left on the Carnival Imagination with Toni, Allie, and many soon to be other friends! (Most of them, because they were fellow Kansas basketball fans). We had a great time, went to Grand Cayman and swam with the stingrays! Yeah, I can't believe we did that either! And then we went to Jamaica and climbed Dunn's River Falls, which was a good workout and very fun! I have some pictures on the website, but more will be coming for the stingrays and the falls. Those two days were the only "workouts" we got in on our vacation, but we had a lot of fun and met some awesome people! We got home on Thursday night and then on Friday, started preparing to lay tile over the weekend. We were planning on doing a long bike on Sat or Sun, but laying tile was a bit more than we expected. Talk about a workout.......our quads, hamstrings and lower backs were screaming! Stuart helped us a bit, but Dustin and I figured out that we must have done about 2100 squats or hamstring lifts over the weekend! We were still too tired and not in the working out "mood" on Monday. It was harder than I thought getting back in the swing of things in doing our training, eating right and getting back into work and school! We did go on a 20 mile ride yesterday evening over the bridges of Wonderwood and into Hanna Park. Our legs were still sore and we went a little slower than usual (averaged 15.7 mph). It was fun exploring Hanna Park a little and riding our bikes up to the beach. It was perfect weather, just a little breezy on the way back (but the tailwind helped us). Dustin isn't feeling well today, so I will be running tonight while he is at sailing practice. Our schedule says 12 miles, but I don't think I will make it that far. Well, you are pretty much updated now. Don't forget to check out pictures of our cruise and our tile!


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