Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tuesday, as Dustin was still studying in the morning, I went for a bike ride on Wonderwood Expressway bridges for 15 miles in the morning before work; once again, beautiful day! That night after work, I went to Yoga and had to warm up with 3 miles on the recumbant bike.

Wednesday, couldn't get myself out of bed in the morning, so I ran after work-9 miles a couple times around Ed Austin Park and down Monument to Fort Caroline and back, got some rolling hills in so that was good and was able to maintain around a 8:18 pace. After this, rushed home, ate dinner with Dustin and then went to the Team in Training Social

Tonight, Thursday, we were WAY too busy with LIFE to workout unfortunately. Tomorrow morning, we are on a plane to Salt Lake City to visit Thierry and Stef, so we had some shop to clean up with our business, with my other work paperwork, of course packing-which meant we had to find all of our ski stuff we haven't gotten out in forever, which took longer than expected. Plus, I had some team in training stuff to do, plus update this blog, and sad enough to say, also had to see the results of American Idol. Well, we should be getting some workouts in on the mountain this weekend; we are taking our heart rate monitors with us to see what our heart rate does when sliding down the side of the mountain! I know our legs are in better shape than they used to be, but we will be using different muscles, so we will probably be pretty sore after our adventure. Please email me if you read this blog and let me know that someone is actually reading this and getting something out of it. :)


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