Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well, I ran 8 miles before my right knee wasn't feeling too good (it was that tiling, I know it, worse on your joints than marathoning). Dustin ran 4 of those with me, but he has a head cold, so that was all he could handle. Then, I went to TNT swim practice and swam 1700 meters. It felt good, but I was definitely tired. Our total from January until now are 30,150 meters for swimming, 605 miles of biking , and 152 miles of running. That should be more, but because of our break we took with the cruise, those numbers are "low." I just want to say if you are reading this and haven't been able to get into a good workout routine and healthy eating routine, you just have to set your mind to it. It was extremely hard getting back to our routine after that cruise, but finally, we just said, no more eating pizza and overeating unhealthy foods and we gotta start burning calories. Although most of you won't be going long distances, even running, walking, cycling, lifting weights for short periods still burns calories. So, get up off that couch and go for it. Print yourself out a schedule and stick to it. I know I feel so much better now after only two days of training after our break. Remember, there are no such things as unrealistic goals, just unrealistic time frames!


Anonymous Scott Hughes said...

Thanks for the motivation! Good luck with your training!

You might like the Triathlon Forums.

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