Monday, April 30, 2007

We did rest on Friday, and Saturday morning, we swam in the ocean at 7 AM with the Hammerhead Tri Club. I used Roberta's wetsuit and liked it more than my other one. Dustin used his regular one and realized he needs a tri wetsuit also; more expenses! The water was cold and it wasn't a great swim, but we were swimming about 50 feet from dolphins!!! They were really beautiful and it was so cool to be swimming near them, but at the same time freaky! After we got home, we decided to take the boat out and Amber, Stuart, and Judy came with us. We all skiied in the intracostal and it was a lot of fun. It was Judy's first time getting up and she did awesome! Then, we went to Lisa and Dennis' for a spaghetti dinner and hung out in their pool.

Sunday was another early morning, drove up near the airport to do the Tour de Forts bike ride with about 400 other people. Now, we have never biked with more than, say, 10 people in a group and we are never too close to eachother. But this was different; in cycling, you can draft; in triathloning, you cannot or you get penalized. In order to average 18.5 miles per hour over the entire 73 miles, we obviously had to do some drafting, but it was a lot of fun, very scenic and they had organized rest stops for us and there were a lot of people out there we knew. Good job to everyone! Dustin and I both felt really good after the ride and it was the first time we tried Perpetuem and Sustained Energy mixed with water, plus Gatorade, gu, uncrustables, cheez its, and endurolytes. It all worked very well, because our stomachs were great and our energy was high! We rewarded ourselves with a nap on the beach afterwards, and some O'Charley's after that. All in all, it was another great weekend!

Today, Monday, we went to Ponte Vedra Pool and I swam 2300 meters and Dustin swam 2500 in 50 minutes. We both had headaches and drainage problems, and Dustin's goggles are forever bothering him, but we did it. I also did a long abdominal routine and stretches and had a back massage too!

By the way, Maw Maw is still doing well. Her hair is thinning and she is wearing hats "so the wind won't blow more of my hair out," so she looks really cute in the pictures my brother pix messaged me. The chemotherapy is working; shrinking the tumors; however, she missed a treatment because her cough was so bad. She is staying as strong as she can right now and I respect her so much for that.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday, we didn't end up going to swim practice; Dustin was studying and I had a bad headache. Then, Thursday, Jason Schuler, a submarine buddy of Dustin's came into Port Canaveral (a 2.5 hour drive), so we drove down there and had some good Thai food with him and had a couple drinks out on the beach, spent the night in his hotel room with an ocean view and then drove back the next morning in time for me to see my patients and Dustin to go to class. Friday, we were off, even though we should have made up some training that day!

Saturday, it was cool in the morning, so we decided to bike a little later at Baldwin Trail. Probably not a good idea, because we didn't get started until after 11 for a SIXTY mile bike ride, followed by a 6 mile run. We did an out and back, out and back (twice) for the bike and the run. That way, we could refill water bottles, and get more nutrition stuff. This was the first day that we experimented with nutrition and timing of intaking calories. We tried HEED (similar to Gatorade, but without simple sugars; made of complex carbs). We set our watches to beep every 10 minutes to drink, and then eat a bar at quarter after the hour, and take electrolytes at quarter to the hour. We felt really good on the bike, and it felt good to experiment with the nutrition and get a better handle on that. However, by the time we started to run, it was HOT and sunny with not as much wind, so we pretty much bonked. We still ran under a 9 minute mile for 6 miles, but we both felt completely exhausted (more than after any of the marathons we have run). So, the nutrition thing didn't work for us that time, but we also didn't take any of the more powerful products like Sustained Energy or Perpetuem. We just got our package delivered with all those good things in there, plus much more and free products too! So, this weekend, we will experiment more with those. They say to not mix these products with simple sugars, but we are finding out that many of our friends actually do to give them added energy. Maybe that's why we bonked, because we didn't have our Gatorade that we were used to.

Anyway, Dustin took about a 6 minute nap in the car on the way home (he was too tired to drive, so I did), but then I had to take a 10 minute nap on the floor as soon as we walked in the door. See, we didn't leave ourselves much time before we had to leave for Judy's suprise birthday party that her fiance, David was throwing for her! We pretty much had to nap, shower, and leave in a hurry. Who would have thought we would have been the last ones to leave the party that night after 2 AM!!!!!! Crazy, but we had a great time!

Sunday afternoon, we went to the Ponte Vedra Y to their outside pool and swam 2200 meters, our longest swim so far without stopping. Then, we ran over 4 miles on the Palm Valley Bridge and it was hot once again!

Monday, we did an 18 mile bike ride just before dark on Wonderwood bridges, because Tuesday, we had the Team in Training Honored Teammate Picnic at Metro Park, which was fun!

Yesterday, Wednesday, we went out to run 5 miles after work and ended up running 10! We figured we didn't want to run it later in the week, so we went ahead and did it yesterday down Girvin, out and back, then out and back again with a stop at the house for water, gatorade, and gu. Then, Dustin made a big ole steak for dinner on the grill (with portabello mushrooms) and I made asparagus and baked pototoes. It was a great meal, we sat outside on our lovely tiled patio and then layed on our hammock after that. We definitely needed the rest.

Tonight, on Thursday, we went to spin class, Greg was subsituting for Bob, but we still got a good workout. Then, on to swim class with Christine and she made us work hard as usual and we swam about 2400 meters tonight. Then, I told Dustin that if we worked really hard in both classes tonight, we could treat ourselves to Cafe Carmon in San Marco. I had been craving the baked brie since we went there last week. We just had bread, salad, and the brie and it was yummy! I think it's good to give yourself rewards like that every once in awhile!

This weekend is our 75 mile bike ride, called Tour de Forts on Sunday, and our ocean swim on Saturday morning! We get to rest tomorrow though! Yeah!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today, after work, I rode 30 miles by myself from the San Marco Y down on San Jose Blvd. I felt pretty good, used our new insulated water bottles for water and gatorade. Then, I went to Yoga. It was a nice evening, but smoky from the fires in Waycross, Georgia. It reminded me of the fires in San Diego when we lived there. Then, came home and had dinner with Dustin and I did more research on nutrition products, and just spent over $200 on stuff on the hammernutrition website. Crazy!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Well, I tweaked our schedule a litte bit for this week, and we decided that we would run 13.1 miles today after work! It was sunny and really windy, but actually turned out to be a very nice run from Ed Austin Park, up to Fort Caroline Road to the right, and then back to the left, and then a couple more loops of the park. We layed out some gatorade and water at some of the turns so we had some every 1-3 miles along the run. I did 2 Gus and Dustin did 1. We started getting stiff towards the end, but ran it in 1:54, which we are both hoping to do under 2 hours for the run portion of the half ironman. I had some pain in the insertion of my hamstring muscle in the groin/butt area that wasn't too fun to deal with, but that bothered me when I was training for the Nike Women's marathon in 2005, so I hope that's not coming back. No problem with the knees, and Dustin's right calf was hurting a little, but all in all, a very good day for running. I am planning on biking 20 miles tomorrow and then going to Yoga. We will be for sure swimming on Thursday and then an ocean swim on Saturday morning. The water will still be cold, but I think we can handle it!!! Still doing research on nutrition today and getting lots of tips from past ironman participants.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well, realistically, we did NOT get much training done while Travis, Robin, and Kiona were here. However, we did have lots of fun! I sure don't know how people that have kids can train for long triathlons; it didn't seem like we had any time and we aren't even her parents! We did do a lot of walking around the neighborhood, at the Zoo, St. Augustine, St. John's Town Center. I did some workouts with weights and the ball, but that's about it. We did have a lot of fun, despite the record low temps.

Tuesday, after they left, I finally convinced Dustin to go to Yoga with me and he did really good despite his inflexibility. I told him if I swam with stingrays, he had to go to Yoga. I was just really hoping that he would like it because he needs definite work on his flexibility. However, it "just wasn't his thing" and "would rather do something else." So, I guess I can deal with that, but I would like to still keep going if I can fit it into our workout schedule.

Wednesday, I ran 9 miles, 4 of those with Dustin. Felt relatively good, but sore in the right knee and calves toward the end. Then, we went to TNT swim practice and swam about 1500 meters.

Thursday, we got to spin class late and sweated our ***** off as usual and then to swim class with Christine who pushed us hard as usual. We hadn't been to her class in a while and could tell! We swam about 2400 meters and were TIRED afterwards.

Friday, we were off and Saturday, Dustin had his sailing regatta where Jacksonville University placed 1st! Good job guys! Before going to cheer for them, I went to the Hammerhead Tri Clinic which was a good review of transitions, rules, etc which lasted over two hours and then some of us biked 10 miles and ran 3 miles (similar to the sprint distances). It was REALLY hot (85-90 degrees and sunny).

Sunday, we were going to ride 60 miles, however, we woke up to thunder, strong winds and tornado warnings in the area. We thought we could wait it out, so the thunderstorms rolled through, but now there are close to 30 mph winds, so we decided not to go. We know that it could be like that race day, but we also know that it is putting us in danger when we don't have to. We can get some longer rides in soon. Plus, we are getting a lot done today; Dustin is doing homework and papers and I am doing an ungodly amount of research on the internet about nutrition and equipment and bike transport (all of which means more $$$$$). Triathlons are definitely more expensive than marathons, but we love the sport so far!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Monday, we ran 8 miles on Wonderwood with some hills. It actually wasn't too hard at all, which was suprising. That's the first time we ran the hills there. Tuesday, we tried to swim, but the pool was closed because the pH was too high. Wednesday, we went to our first Hammerhead Triathlon Club meeting and met a lot of great people with great advice about nutrition and mental toughness. The triathlon community is a unique one for sure and we are glad to be a part of it. We already learned a lot at one meeting and we look forward to more. Thursday morning, we rode 17 miles on Wonderwood before work and then picked up Dustin's brother, Travis, his wife, Robin, and their 11 month old, Kiona from the airport. We realistically won't get much training done this weekend, but we will try a little bit.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thursday, we were supposed to do spin and swim, but the pool was being refilled. So, Dustin did one spin class and I did two (which is about 35 miles on a bike going nowhere, but it's a good workout). Dustin was still getting over a head cold. Friday, we were off. Saturday morning, we ran 5 miles, and then Sunday morning, we met Megan and did Wonderwood Expy to the ferry and rode that across to Hecksher Drive and met Tim and rode out to Fernadina Beach. It was so beautiful riding by the ocean many times and the weather was perfect (except for it was windy on the way back). We rode a total of 56 miles (our race distance for May) and timed the departure of the ferry perfect both times! Then, Dustin and I ran 5 miles afterwards and felt pretty darn good. We drank a lot of gatorade, water, did gus, electrolyte pills, ate clif bars, so I think we did pretty good nutrition wise. However, the half race coming up in May will be 1.2 mile swim before, plus 8 more miles at the end, so I'm thinking I will need to ingest more calories for sure! I was hungry at the end. Then, we met Megan and the World of Nations event at Metro Park and had a lot of good food from different nations. Now, we are hopefully going to finally send out our email for the Janus Charity Challenge and try to get more people to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.