Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thursday, we were supposed to do spin and swim, but the pool was being refilled. So, Dustin did one spin class and I did two (which is about 35 miles on a bike going nowhere, but it's a good workout). Dustin was still getting over a head cold. Friday, we were off. Saturday morning, we ran 5 miles, and then Sunday morning, we met Megan and did Wonderwood Expy to the ferry and rode that across to Hecksher Drive and met Tim and rode out to Fernadina Beach. It was so beautiful riding by the ocean many times and the weather was perfect (except for it was windy on the way back). We rode a total of 56 miles (our race distance for May) and timed the departure of the ferry perfect both times! Then, Dustin and I ran 5 miles afterwards and felt pretty darn good. We drank a lot of gatorade, water, did gus, electrolyte pills, ate clif bars, so I think we did pretty good nutrition wise. However, the half race coming up in May will be 1.2 mile swim before, plus 8 more miles at the end, so I'm thinking I will need to ingest more calories for sure! I was hungry at the end. Then, we met Megan and the World of Nations event at Metro Park and had a lot of good food from different nations. Now, we are hopefully going to finally send out our email for the Janus Charity Challenge and try to get more people to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


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