Monday, April 30, 2007

We did rest on Friday, and Saturday morning, we swam in the ocean at 7 AM with the Hammerhead Tri Club. I used Roberta's wetsuit and liked it more than my other one. Dustin used his regular one and realized he needs a tri wetsuit also; more expenses! The water was cold and it wasn't a great swim, but we were swimming about 50 feet from dolphins!!! They were really beautiful and it was so cool to be swimming near them, but at the same time freaky! After we got home, we decided to take the boat out and Amber, Stuart, and Judy came with us. We all skiied in the intracostal and it was a lot of fun. It was Judy's first time getting up and she did awesome! Then, we went to Lisa and Dennis' for a spaghetti dinner and hung out in their pool.

Sunday was another early morning, drove up near the airport to do the Tour de Forts bike ride with about 400 other people. Now, we have never biked with more than, say, 10 people in a group and we are never too close to eachother. But this was different; in cycling, you can draft; in triathloning, you cannot or you get penalized. In order to average 18.5 miles per hour over the entire 73 miles, we obviously had to do some drafting, but it was a lot of fun, very scenic and they had organized rest stops for us and there were a lot of people out there we knew. Good job to everyone! Dustin and I both felt really good after the ride and it was the first time we tried Perpetuem and Sustained Energy mixed with water, plus Gatorade, gu, uncrustables, cheez its, and endurolytes. It all worked very well, because our stomachs were great and our energy was high! We rewarded ourselves with a nap on the beach afterwards, and some O'Charley's after that. All in all, it was another great weekend!

Today, Monday, we went to Ponte Vedra Pool and I swam 2300 meters and Dustin swam 2500 in 50 minutes. We both had headaches and drainage problems, and Dustin's goggles are forever bothering him, but we did it. I also did a long abdominal routine and stretches and had a back massage too!

By the way, Maw Maw is still doing well. Her hair is thinning and she is wearing hats "so the wind won't blow more of my hair out," so she looks really cute in the pictures my brother pix messaged me. The chemotherapy is working; shrinking the tumors; however, she missed a treatment because her cough was so bad. She is staying as strong as she can right now and I respect her so much for that.


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