Monday, April 16, 2007

Well, I tweaked our schedule a litte bit for this week, and we decided that we would run 13.1 miles today after work! It was sunny and really windy, but actually turned out to be a very nice run from Ed Austin Park, up to Fort Caroline Road to the right, and then back to the left, and then a couple more loops of the park. We layed out some gatorade and water at some of the turns so we had some every 1-3 miles along the run. I did 2 Gus and Dustin did 1. We started getting stiff towards the end, but ran it in 1:54, which we are both hoping to do under 2 hours for the run portion of the half ironman. I had some pain in the insertion of my hamstring muscle in the groin/butt area that wasn't too fun to deal with, but that bothered me when I was training for the Nike Women's marathon in 2005, so I hope that's not coming back. No problem with the knees, and Dustin's right calf was hurting a little, but all in all, a very good day for running. I am planning on biking 20 miles tomorrow and then going to Yoga. We will be for sure swimming on Thursday and then an ocean swim on Saturday morning. The water will still be cold, but I think we can handle it!!! Still doing research on nutrition today and getting lots of tips from past ironman participants.


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