Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well, realistically, we did NOT get much training done while Travis, Robin, and Kiona were here. However, we did have lots of fun! I sure don't know how people that have kids can train for long triathlons; it didn't seem like we had any time and we aren't even her parents! We did do a lot of walking around the neighborhood, at the Zoo, St. Augustine, St. John's Town Center. I did some workouts with weights and the ball, but that's about it. We did have a lot of fun, despite the record low temps.

Tuesday, after they left, I finally convinced Dustin to go to Yoga with me and he did really good despite his inflexibility. I told him if I swam with stingrays, he had to go to Yoga. I was just really hoping that he would like it because he needs definite work on his flexibility. However, it "just wasn't his thing" and "would rather do something else." So, I guess I can deal with that, but I would like to still keep going if I can fit it into our workout schedule.

Wednesday, I ran 9 miles, 4 of those with Dustin. Felt relatively good, but sore in the right knee and calves toward the end. Then, we went to TNT swim practice and swam about 1500 meters.

Thursday, we got to spin class late and sweated our ***** off as usual and then to swim class with Christine who pushed us hard as usual. We hadn't been to her class in a while and could tell! We swam about 2400 meters and were TIRED afterwards.

Friday, we were off and Saturday, Dustin had his sailing regatta where Jacksonville University placed 1st! Good job guys! Before going to cheer for them, I went to the Hammerhead Tri Clinic which was a good review of transitions, rules, etc which lasted over two hours and then some of us biked 10 miles and ran 3 miles (similar to the sprint distances). It was REALLY hot (85-90 degrees and sunny).

Sunday, we were going to ride 60 miles, however, we woke up to thunder, strong winds and tornado warnings in the area. We thought we could wait it out, so the thunderstorms rolled through, but now there are close to 30 mph winds, so we decided not to go. We know that it could be like that race day, but we also know that it is putting us in danger when we don't have to. We can get some longer rides in soon. Plus, we are getting a lot done today; Dustin is doing homework and papers and I am doing an ungodly amount of research on the internet about nutrition and equipment and bike transport (all of which means more $$$$$). Triathlons are definitely more expensive than marathons, but we love the sport so far!


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