Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Last Wednesday, we ran 7 miles on Girvin, and then went to TNT swim practice and swam 1850 meters. Felt good on both.

Thursday, we had a business meeting, so we weren't able to fit in a workout. Friday was our day off and we probably should have done something, but we didn't.

Saturday, we met the TNT group at the beach and swam in the ocean at 7 AM! We got pointers from Roberta on how to enter and exit the water efficiently. We swam without wet suits this time, so it was a bit chilly. Then, we rode 25 miles. We then went home, did some yard work, took showers, and welcomed Elizabeth's family, the Boyers for a quick visit (they were vacationing in St. Augustine, just south of here). We were able to hang out with Elizabeth and John a bit longer, and took them on a tour of Hecksher Drive out towards all the islands before taking them to the airport for their flight back to San Diego!

Sunday, we ran 6 miles down Girvin pretty quickly and sweated a lot! It wasn't even sunny, but just humid (we also ran at noon time-similar to the time we will be running this weekend at the end of our race).

Monday, we swam 1500 meters at Ponte Vedra Y while it was raining, but we both felt pretty good.

Today, Tuesday, we just got done with a 16 mile bike on Wonderwood and into Hannah Park; it was pretty windy on the way there and pretty tough!

Tomorrow, Jeff and Kendra get here from Wisconsin! We are so excited! Then, our race is Sunday in Orlando and then we come back here. Kendra leaves Monday, Jeff-Tuesday, then Tony and Susan come in on Thursday! We are just gonna have such a fun May with all of our best friends visiting us! We can't wait! Oh yeah, and we can't wait for the race either!


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