Monday, May 07, 2007

Tuesday, I rode 16 miles with Megan and we did yoga afterwards. Then, we met up with Dave and Dustin and celebrated their end of finals by going to Cafe Carmon; my new favorite (but expensive) place in San Marco.

Wednesday, we went on an 11 mile run near Brooks Health off of Deerwood Pkwy, and down Southside. It was a pretty hot and tiring run, but we did it. Then, we went to the Hammerhead Tri Club meeting right afterwards at 7 PM and learned many more things about nutrition, etc.

Thursday, we missed spin class because of the stupid Mathews Bridge closure/switch of traffic patterns, but went to swim with Christine and took it easier than usual (1500 meters).

Friday, we were off and went to dinner with our neighbors, Amber and Stuart to celebrate her new job. She is now going to be teaching 1st grade right around the corner instead of 30+ minutes away. We went to the new restaurant, Cobblestones around the corner and it was good!

Saturday, we did a Hammer Jammer put on by the triathlon club. It's a practice triathlon where you just swim 15 minutes in the ocean, 45 minutes on the bike, and a 30 minute run. It was good though, because we were able to practice our transitions and get a few nerves out for our race in two weeks. Here is a list of things not to do while training for a triathlon:
1. Tear dead skin off the bottom of your foot to the point of pain.
2. Shift your weight the wrong way while getting off your bike and crash and hurt your knee.
3. Step in dog poop in your running shoes.
4. Forget one of your water bottles.
By the way, I was able to pull off all of the above in one morning. Despite all of these things, I still felt good after our workout. Then, we went to the Shrimp Festival in Fernadina and met Lisa and Dennis there and had a couple drinks for Cinco de Mayo and ate all kinds of shrimp-fried, boiled, shrimp pie, etc. Not exactly what you want to eat the day before a long workout. On top of that, add some ice cream, and then we had blueberry/strawberry pancakes for dinner. This was to keep with our themed weekend of doing irregular things that we don't normally do (however, we still had to train regularly).

Sunday, we got ourselves up early to bike 35 miles at the beach and then ran 10 miles right afterwards. We experimented more with our nutrition and with Perpetuem and Sustained Energy, Gu, and Gatorade and Endurolytes, and of course, water. It all went well with both of us and we felt good, hot, but tired.

Today, we decided we deserved a rest, so we cooked a good meal together; asian pork udon noodles which was really good!


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