Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yesterday, Jeff and Kendra got here! We picked them up from the airport with our boat in tow! It was so funny to pull that thing through the airport! Anyway, we went straight to the Arlington boat ramp and boated to downtown and ate at the River City Brewing Company for Kendra's birthday! Then, we boated north of Arlington and Dustin, Kendra, and Jeff skiied. I decided against it, knowing that I would end up getting hurt or something for this weekend.

Today, we took the ferry across and drove on the beach in Hugenot Park. We played some "yard" games on the beach and hung out, got in the ocean for just a bit. Then, tonight Dustin had a navy dinner to attend, but Jeff, Kendra, and I went to the Riverside Y for spin and swim. It was storming and the pool isn't grounded so lightning could hit us while we were swimming, so the pool was closed. Kendra and I did Bob's spin class while Jeff played basketball. Tomorrow, we are planning on running a few miles.

It felt good to sweat a bit today and get my heart rate up and get my legs moving. I've been nervous the last few days for some reason. For one, I don't have my heart rate monitor back from Polar after a repair they made on it. They were sending it back last Friday, so I should have gotten it by now. I am going to be so pissed if I don't have it for the race. It helps me judge if I'm going to fast/hard, tells me my pace, and just helps me communicate with my body better! I know it sounds weird, but I feel naked training without it. I might wear Kendra's, but it doesn't have all the functions that mine does, so I really want mine.

I've started to pack, and it just seems like too much to think about. I can't imagine how it will be for the full Ironman and packing for our whole trip to Wisconsin! Anyway, we need to focus on this race THIS weekend and get through that first! We have a bunch of rewards for certain time goals and things set up. Most of the rewards involve food that we haven't been eating because of our healthy eating while training; like for instance Dairy Queen blizzards, taco pizza's and macarroni and cheese!

I'm sure it will go just fine. This might be my last entry before the race; we'll see. If you are reading this, think positive thoughts for us on Sunday at 6:20 AM for our 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run! We will be half ironpeople afterwards hopefully! Oh yeah, and wish this nervousness away too!


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