Monday, June 25, 2007

Last Thursday, we went to spin class and then I went to swim class while Dustin was doing his research job. Christine wasn't there, so I just did my own thing for an hour in the pool and I really did some sprints and pushed myself really hard. I swam a 50 in 45 seconds, so that's a lot better than I used to be (over a minute when I would try hard). Not that I really need to work on sprints, since we'll be swimming 2.4 miles for the race!

Friday, we were off and went to the Team in Training Pasta Party at Anheiser Busch Brewery which was really cool. All of our teammates, including those from Gainesville and Tallahassee were there and we met them, enjoyed some pasta and got inspired by a speaker who was in remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We were ready to do the sprint and see many of our teammates who had never done a triathlon before, and some who had never swam in the ocean before!

On Saturday, we got to the race site about 6:15 AM for the 7:30 race. We were wearing our wristbands that said "Maw Maw" and kept her in our thoughts all day. There were many team in training tri suited athletes and their spectators, so the energy was high! It was fun standing at the starting line waiting to sprint into the ocean, because I was with some of the new girls and then some who got hooked on triathlons like we did last year. It was this exact race a year ago when we were the new ones just getting into the sport. It was perfect weather at the start with hardly any waves!

To make a long story short, Dustin and I both felt good and had our PRs (personal records) for this distance. Dustin did the 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 3 mile run in 1:01:22 and I did it in 1:05:22. I have to say the most fun part of the day was cheering on all the fellow teammates, especially the ones who were completing a triathlon for the first time. I think I burned more calories (and definitely felt more light headed) from cheering rather than competing. I just love the team concept and for it to be for such a great cause is just awesome! Tina and Annee gave us our Team in Training medals and we packed our bikes and everything up. We almost forgot to stop by the awards to see if we won anything! I did end up getting third in my age group and many other TNTers got medals too, so it was a successful day! Then, we headed to the Victory Party at one of the Pavillions at the park and mingled with our teammates. We met some new friends, Nate and Naf who are from Gainesville and ended up hanging out on the beach with them afterwards, so that was fun! Everyone is always so hyped after doing a race; I know I am anyway, I just can't stop talking and bouncing off the walls!

That night, we went to a TNT fundraiser for the new tri team at Emily's. It was a Toga Party! It was fun, but we were tired and had to get up at 5 the next morning to train, so we weren't able to stay too long.

Sunday, we did wake up at 5 AM and then headed to the beach for our 60 mile ride down to St. Augustine and back. We both felt good on the ride and averaged 17.3 mph for the whole thing. When we got back to the car, it was a little after 11 AM, so it was HOT! We immediately ran 6 miles around a 9 minute mile pace. Dustin experimented a different way with his nutrition this time and it seemed to work. He had tons of energy, where as I was running low. I was starting to get stomach cramps toward the end, but Dustin never got them. I am so happy that he figured it out (at least for now). I did the same mix of all of my nutrition as I did in the half ironman. I'm hoping that will continue to work, but we will see when we get into the "long" distances.

Now, here comes the bad part; I have a shoulder injury. I'm not sure what it is but it started last Thursday after my swim and it is still bothering me. It didn't bother me in the sprint, but it bothered me Sunday and on Monday, I couldn't swim, bike, or run it hurt so bad. Today is better, but all I did was go to get my bike refitted because I am too extended in my aerobars. So, we will see if that helps it a bit. We are hoping to run tomorrow, but when I swing my arms, it hurts my shoulder. It's weird, because I have never had anything wrong with my arms before; it's always been lower extremity injuries; maybe my upper body is trying to catch up! It really sucks to be injured though; it's depressing, but it usually revives me in the end, because I realize how thankful I should be when I am not injured!


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