Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The reason why I haven't been blogging is because we took a little dip in our training to recover from our race; it turned out to be longer than anticipated, but that's okay. I don't think we lost too much.

Besides, we had our awesome friends in town (first Jeff and Kendra and then Tony and Susan a few days later). We boated a lot (3 days in a row with Tony and Susan), ate out a LOT, even at Ruth's Chris for Susan's birthday, and spent a lot of time on the beach and had a few cocktails, so we took a needed break from training.

Last Tuesday, I did a 3.5 mile run and then Dustin and I did Yoga. Dustin had a sore throat and wasn't feeling like running.

We did do an ocean "swim" last Wed with TNT and Roberta helped us with entries and exits from the water. Then, we forgot our running shoes, so couldn't run with the group, but came home, and despite us wanting to lie on the couch and watch TV, we got our running shoes on and did 5 miles down Kernan.

On Thursday, we went to spin and swim and we were both very tired. Dustin had lifted arms two days before and I did leg presses right before spin. Not a good idea! We didn't get to sleep that night until after 1 AM and our plane left at 7 for Philly the next morning.

Tom took us on a whirlwind tour of Philly and we got some Philly Cheesesteaks. Then, my parents flew in and we drove to Tom's River, NJ where my Dad's Aunt Annie and Uncle Joe live. They were hilarious! We also went to my Dad's cousin's place, Kevin Kelly and Dustin enjoyed his kegorater. We drove around Union the next day where my Dad is from and met a random golf course guy who told us directions to see NY City without going into the city. It was beautiful...check out the pics on the link on our main page. We then rode to my Peaksgill, NY out in the middle of nowhere, but very beautiful but spooky ride, where the people at the motels were not very nice. There were no vacancies a few places, so we had to go out of our way to get a hotel in Fishgill, but it was a very nice Marriott Residence Inn. We then went to Aunt Lorraine's and Uncle Al's the next day and then drove to my Dad's cousin's, Beth, John, and Kaitlyn's house. Oh, who could forget the cat Oreo who stands on his hind legs! Beth, John, and Kaitlyn made us wonderful meals and icey drinks and desserts and also "forced" us to drink wine. We visited more with Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Al and shared pictures and memories about Nana (Aunt Lorraine's sister). It was such a good time, but very emotional at the same time. See Kaitlyn who is 11, calls Aunt Lorraine "Nana" and the relationship between those two reminded me so much of mine with my Nana. I just wish so much that she was still here. It's hard to think that she never knew our married life and didn't know us as the crazy triathletes that were are today either.

Speaking of Grandma's, Maw Maw is still doing well and keeping positive. She has her last chemo treatment this Thursday, so she's made it through that pretty well. We will have to see what is next.

Today was our first significant run since the race; we did 10 miles, depsite my sore throat and head cold. Dustin had side aches pretty much the whole time and I had digestion problems midway through our run up Girvin and into some of the shaded neighborhoods near Wonderwood. We averaged about a 9:15 mile running pace, but what I am really proud is that we didn't quit even though we wanted to; we just pushed through the extreme sweating and side aches, and finished our run, but I won't lie; it was not fun! We really needed the shade because it was about 95 degrees and we did our run at about 3:30. Not optimal time, but we had to go to the Hammerhead Triathlon meeting (Megan joined, Yeah!) and learn about getting faster on the bike. There was a lot of useful info there as usual, and just good to be with active club members who share our interests.

We have to keep our training up in the important weeks to come, so I will hopefully be better about updating this. Thanks to the very few of you who actually read this; email me to let me know that you do and give me suggestions about what you would like me to write more (or less) about! Have a good night!


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