Monday, June 18, 2007

Well, that bike ride in Clermont was the hardest thing I've ever done. It was actually harder than the half ironman, partially because of the heat. We didn't get started until after 9 AM and it was already hot. It got up to 96 degrees and there were NO clouds in the sky and no shade! We ended up doing 67 miles on and around a 12 mile hilly loop. We did the infamous "Sugarloaf" hill twice, which was the hardest, but also many other significant hills in between. We were going 4 mph on the way up and 42 mph on the way down the big hill. We were low on energy after 40 miles, but still managed to do 27 more, so that's pretty darn good and I am proud of us! Towards the end, after going up and down so many hills, we decided we needed to finish on some flats, but what is funny is that we couldn't find any! We drove all this way to find hills and then we couldn't find any flats! It was a bit ironic.

Dustin apparently still hasn't figured out his nutrition because he puked afterwards! I was a little worried about him towards the end of the bike because he wasn't feeling well, he could have been dehydrated, overheated, etc. We saw a lot of cyclists out there which was cool and we found the house at the top of sugarloaf that has coolers of ice cold water at the end of his driveway for everyone (that was helpful). Please look at the pictures on the other link of the hills so you can get an idea of what we were up against (I hope the pictures do it justice).

We also saw a lot of motorcycles. Three of them came around a curve and one of them didn't quite make the turn, went off the road, him and his bike started cartwheeling for about 150 feet, he flew about 10 feet up in the air, landed in a tree/bush and just missed a barbed wire fence. This all happened about 50 yards in front of us, so we raced up there to see if he was ok. Luckily he was conscious and not severely injured. It looked as though he had a fractured wrist and who knows if he had any internal injuries. Within a minute or so a guy in a car stopped and we had him call 911. We stuck around until the ambulance got there, then decided there was nothing else we could do so we continued on with our ride, after telling the police what happened. Hope he's ok, but boy, was that traumatic to see happen right in front of you. Then, we had to keep doing that loop over and over again and the scene kept running through my head. I even stopped to tighten my helmet after seeing that!

Despite it being very hard, we can't wait to go back. We will have to make multiple trips down there to prep for Wisconsin, hopefully every 3-4 weeks, we will endure the five hours in the car to get to hills!

Oh yeah, and today at lunchtime, Dustin and I met at the Riverside Y and swam 2500 meters straight in the pool and now we are heading out to go to a Suns Game (Triple A baseball); I got two free tickets for being a physical therapist and a free dinner too (they are trying to recruit, but I don't think I need a fifth job!)


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Seems like your training's going well. Great job!

Do you have Clermont maps you could forward to me? I need to make it out there at least once or twice before doing the Fl Challenge 1/2 in October.


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