Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day! We woke up today at 6 AM and ran 15 miles on Girvin and the hills of Wonderwood Expressway bridges. We had to get in the car and go put out 3 bottles of gatorade and water and some gus before hand, so we didn't get started until about 7:30 from our house. We both took Gus before hand also. It kind of sounds cocky, but I'll say it anyway, running 15 miles was not even hard today! That's pretty awesome! I told Dustin at the beginning when he started talking about time goals, that we needed to try to keep our heart rates under 150 and just have a nice steady run where we feel like we could go much further at the end. That's exactly what we did. With stops included, we ran it in 2:27 (9:48 pace), which is a lot slower than we are used to. But guess what? We aren't going to be sprinting the Ironman, ya know!??? It sprinkled on us in the beginning and then poured down rain with about 2 miles left. It was kind of refreshing at first, but I think it added a few pounds to our clothes and helped to solidify a few blisters on my toes!

I have to back up now to last Sunday, because I forgot to mention that I had a girls party and raised another $177 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

As I mentioned already, we were slacking because of my shoulder injury and now Dustin is having pain in his right shoulder too......pretty weird. Last Thursday, we did go to spin (Bob wasn't there, so we had Kellie) and then Dustin went to swim practice. I just did a little bit on my own (about 500 meters) before my shoulder starting flaring up, so I decided I should rest it more. Friday, we were off and Saturday was another big day!

We woke up at 4:30 AM on Saturday to make sure we got our PB and J sandwiches early enough. I also had a green machine Naked Juice (which I think gives me a lot of energy). We started our ride from Food Lion parking lot on McCormick and Monument at about 5:45 AM to make it to the ferry by the first boarding time of 6:20 AM. We rode the ferry across (and then stopped for a bathroom break, 1 of 3 for me for the whole ride). It was a perfect morning, not too hot, just a little breeze and we were riding right next the ocean! I kept thinking how lucky I was that last week, we biked 60 miles south right along the ocean and that this week we were biking 80 miles north right by the ocean! It truly was beautiful and I wasn't even thinking about biking for the first part because of the views and scenery. We took a right on Hecksher and went into Fernadina Beach and made a few loops up there into areas we had never been. It was kind of cool to do a little exploring! (It took me back to when I was a kid on my bike in the middle of nowhere in Missouri riding on gravel roads exploring, or hiking into the woods and exploring and sometimes getting lost). We didn't get lost on our bike ride though, thank goodness! We did stop at a gas station to get refills on gatorade and water though. And, I think that my refitting on my bike helped (I got a shorter stem) because I didn't have near as much tightness in my shoulders. Usually I have to use biofreeze after about 30 miles, but I didn't use it at all this time!

Now, I have previously mentioned about drafting, where in the triathlons, you can't be closer than 3 bike lengths behind the person in front of you because they break the wind for you, making it a lot easier for the person in back. Well, at about mile 60, I started to not feel well. My head was hurting, my outsides of the bottoms of my feet were hurting, and I was just plain tired. I wasn't really into the beautiful scenery at this time; I was about making it home! Dustin had the timing all figured out as to when we had to be back to catch the ferry (from 20 miles away, he knew it was only going to be a matter of a minute or two, so we had to keep our pace up). He told me to get in behind him and draft off of him to so we could make it in time. However, there is no ferry in the Ironman, there is no drafting in the Ironman, but I guarantee there will be times where I don't feel like keeping on going in the Ironman. So, I told him that I was not concerned with making the ferry; I wanted to get through this "hard time" on my own and know that I can make it through when I am alone out in the hills in Wisconsin. So, that's what we did, and about that time, my Gu kicked in that I had taken about 15 minutes before and I was able to push it again. Guess what? We made the ferry anyway (by under a minute)and I made it through my "hard time." I felt good about that! We biked back towards our car and had to go about 2 miles past our car to end up at 80 miles! Bikes up on the rack, grab some gatorade and water, and we were off running (did I mention that by this time, it was about 11:30 AM and plenty hot and humid-89 degrees). We were going to run about at least 1 mile to see how we felt after our nutrition on the bike, but we were both feeling pretty good (imagine that, both of us feeling good at the same time, well, that's new!). We ran around Ed Austin park (where I did a lot of my running earlier in the season), did the 2.5 mile loop 3 times, each time running back to the car for gatorade and water and gu and endurolytes, then added a little bit on the end to make 8 miles! That was our longest workout so far-from 5:45 AM to 12:45 PM.

We came home, took in some protein, took showers, and a 30 minute nap and were ready to go for our 8th Poker Party for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We ended up raising $1363 more dollars, which puts us at about $4500 for the Janus Charity Challenge for the Ironman Race. We are proud of that, but we are not done. We still need everyone to donate who hasn't already! Thanks again to everyone for all their support.


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