Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let me take you back a few days to when I only had one issue-my feet! That was Wednesday, when we met Roberta, Caulie, and Lisa at the beach and ran 3 miles and then did an ocean swim. My feet felt pretty good while running, but hurt while walking on the beach. We did better in our wetsuits this time because we pulled them up further, so it restricted our shoulders less, so that was good. We practiced swimming over and hitting and kicking each other in the water like it will be for the Ironman start. Then, we went to Carraba's with the group and had some good food and good conversation.

Then Thursday rolled around and I had a good day at work, came home and got a few things done, then Dustin and I got in my Nissan Murano and left for the Yates YMCA on Riverside for spin and swim class. Dustin was making a left hand turn on a solid green light. One lane of oncoming traffic was backed up so the guy stopped and waved us on, but there was another car in the far lane coming opposite us that Dustin didn't see. We turned left and almost made it out of their way. They hit us at a pretty good speed in the passenger side at the back wheel and sent us into a 180 degree spin. It jolted us pretty good, but thankfully we were both wearing our seatbelts and all the passenger side (not front) airbags deployed. I couldn't believe that we had actually been in an accident. I was crying and hyperventilating a bit and my right shoulder stung. Dustin was just yelling, "are you ok, are you ok?" and I said I thought I was, but I was just freaking out. He ran over to the other car and they were okay too, thankfully. I'm not sure what hurt my neck, the jolt of the car or the airbags, but I do know that my hat I had on my head ended up in the back seat behind Dustin's seat. The crazy thing about this is that the first thing that we both thought of was, "Can we still do the Ironman?" Like Dustin said, it is our baby right now, and if a baby was in the car with us, that would have been our first thought. We've just trained so long and hard for this; it IS our life right now.

I was pretty freaked out looking at the airbags and feeling so lucky that no one was seriously hurt. The other car was probably totaled, and we don't know about my poor Murano yet. It is at a repair shop waiting on the insurance people right now. I knew that Dustin was so incredibly sorry, but I also new that if I was driving, this wouldn't have happened because I saw the car and screamed for him to stop. It's hard to be mad at Dustin, so I forgive him, but my poor car and my poor neck. It's weird, because at times I feel sorry for myself, but then think about how incredibly lucky we are! My mom said that she was so glad Dustin was with me, but I said, "I'm not; this wouldn't have happened if he wasn't with me!" :)

So, I am training for a triathlon, yet I can't swim because of my neck, I can't bike because we don't have a car able to put our bike rack on, plus I don't want to be flexing my neck/back right now, and I can't run because of my feet! So, I'm just falling apart! Yesterday, I didn't work and just simply layed around ALL day not moving my neck too much! That sucked big time! I figured out that I am addict; I have an addiction to exercise!

So, this morning I had to get a fix..........something that wasn't going to make my neck hurt worse, so I headed over to our community center and did the recumbant bike for 30 minutes and at least worked up a sweat and got my heart rate up a bit. I felt better afterwards, but still kind of depressed because Dustin was out biking on his real bike for 30 miles in the rain. I wanted to be with him; I didn't care that it was raining!

The good news is that my feet are feeling better; maybe because I have this new neck pain, but they are a little better. I have been religiously keeping up with the routine of strengthening, stretching and ice massage to heal them as best as possible.

We are heading down to Camp Blanding soon to volunteer at the HOT olympic distance triathlon. I was supposed to do the run leg of a relay, but not anymore with my trainwreck of injuries! Dustin is still doing the run leg for another relay team though, so that should be fun for him! I am going to go crazy, seeing all these people exercising, but I will put all my efforts into cheering as loudly as I can with the headache that I have.

I am going to have so much pent up energy by the time September 9th rolls around, that I might just break the world record time for Ironman! I guess whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right?


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YIKES!!!! I"m so glad to hear that both you and Dustin are OK. It was great seeing you both at the HOT :)

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