Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ok, well now it's 21 days left. I'm making it a habit of writing in this once a week and then I forget all we did during the week. Sorry about that. Allow me to be a little negative for a minute and then I'll try to finish with positivity. All of you know I'm not a very negative person usually.............but..................

I have plantar fascitis for sure! The bottoms of both of my feet are killing me! There are plenty of people who suffer from this, but in all my marathons and other shorter tri's, I've never had any problems, so why now, why when there are only 21 days left until the race of a lifetime, does it have to show up now?????? It hurts like hell and it started after our 18 mile run (not during it) and has gotten worse each day. I haven't really run on it because I was scared to, but yesterday after our 90 mile bike, we ran 5 miles. It hurt pretty bad for the first 2 miles and got better. This morning, Dustin and I ran with Joy (who is doing her first Ironman next weekend) and we did just over 9 miles. I put biofreeze on the bottoms of my feet and it felt weird, it helped, but only for a little bit. I've been doing everything I can to treat it. I've been massaging it with a golf ball (ouch!), doing ice massage with a big piece of ice straight on the bottom of my foot (not fun), bought insoles for my shoes, and today I tried emersing both my feet in a bunch of ice water. I simply could not handle the pain, I had to put just part of one foot in at a time. If anyone would like to try that at home, go ahead. Maybe I'm a wimp, but I just could not do it. That also pissed me off because I do not like knowing I can't do something, whatever it may be. I can't really walk barefooted right now at all on my left foot. I have to shower sitting down (how pitiful-I feel like one of my elderly patients). Dustin went to the ocean swim with the Hammerheads (tri club, not sharks hopefully) and I am stuck sitting here at the computer being negative! I didn't think that I could stand to walk on the beach in flip flops right now. So, I'm getting this negativity out of me right now! I'm just sick of this Ironman crap at this moment (I'm sure I will come around-don't worry). It totally takes over your life (lives in our case.) I couldn't sleep last night because I was having nightmares of the Ironman and it's still three weeks away! I am anal and I want to start packing now! Every spare moment I get, I'm calling or emailing people about our training or about the weekend coming up in Wisconsin. We make up lists upon lists of what we need. We watch videos on youtube about the Ironman. We watch triathlon stuff on TV all the time. We talk about every single possible scenario of how Dustin and I will "run into" eachother on the race course. We eat healthy, we drink protein shakes which I totally despise! I also have to ice my knees after biking! I am so worried about getting a cold or getting sick in the next few weeks or on the plane to Wisconsin with all the germs! I guess what it boils down to is that I am just plain worried about the whole thing and I'm not usually a worrier!

Okay, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that felt good. I got it out. Now, for the positives. I am breathing. I am able to train my body to make it to the Ironman! I have a husband who is as into this Ironman stuff as I am (if not more!) and we get to bounce ideas off of each other all the time! We have wonderful families and wonderful friends all over the US who are supporting us in this endeavor. We are able to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society while we are training and have raised about $5000!! We have about 25 people in our cheering squad in Wisconsin that are going to watch us attempt this crazy thing! We have wonderful triathlon friends here and in Wisconsin who give us awesome advice and give us the confidence that we can do this. We had a dinner last night with Joy who is doing the Inagural Louisville Ironman, Jennifer who did Wisconsin last year and her husband Joey, and Susan, who has done 26 Ironmans! They gave us some very good advice on the ins and outs of Ironman and got us pumped up. Okay, I'm back, I'm okay. I'm listening to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and he says "If you had one shot, one oppurtunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it?" Uhhhhhhhh, hell yeah! Positive Angie is back!


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