Sunday, August 12, 2007

We did 100 mile ride today in the hills of Clermont. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! It was close to 100 degrees, very little shade, no wind and a bunch of freakin hills! There is so much I can say about this ride, and during it, I have all these thoughts of what I'm going to write in my blog. I'm thankful that I have this blog because it actually makes me think more when I am out there training. Of course, some of those thoughts escape me by the time I get to the computer though. Some of what I remember is as follows:

It was hot. It was humid. Dustin was there. There were a lot of other bikers out there. We ran into 2 fellow Hammerhead Tri Club members, Teresa and Minya. We found a bike path and explored. It was hot there too. There was some shade. We were around a lot of pretty lakes. There were a lot of hills. I had a 70 mile bonk, but recovered about mile 75. My heart rate strap wasn't reading my heart rate. I was breathing very heavy at the end. We injested our nutrition as planned. I was nauseated at times. Dustin felt good most of the time. It was hot. Dustin almost got hit by a reckless cop who wasn't paying attention. We filed a complaint over the phone. We stopped for water a lot, because we were sweating like fools. At mile 97, I had a breakdown. I almost cried. I was overwhelmed at the support we are going to have in Wisconsin. There were no spectators out there today. We were alone. It was hot. We averaged 15.1 mph ride time. With breaks, it took us 7 hours and 25 minutes. We went to Taco Bell afterwards. We drove home the 2 hours and then ordered pizza. I had two pepsi's today and I deserved both of them. I am going to bed now. Bring it on Ironman in 28 days.


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