Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wednesday night, we went to another Hammerhead Triathlon meeting and learned some more stuff about running and mingled with fellow triathletes. It's great to be around people who are so supportive of what you are doing. We didn't have time to fit in a workout that night, so we decided to double up on Thursday.

Thursday, after work, we headed to the Yates YMCA for two straight spin classes for 2.5 hours and then went running over the bridges (hills in Jacksonville) downtown with our new friend, Martin. We kept a really good pace for the bridges (8:15 pace) for almost 5 miles. It was drizzling a bit, which actually really felt good. Our legs were pretty dead afterwards, but we felt good for working out for over 3 hours on a weeknight. We didn't get to eat dinner that night until after 10:30, but we fixed a great salmon and rice meal that was worth the wait!

Friday, as usual, was our day off, so after work, we picked up our boat with Dustin's new wakeboard tower on it, which he is really excited about. (We might take it out on Sunday).

So, now, as for TODAY! Wow, we entered the "ocean marathon" that our tri club puts on. It started at 8 AM and we basically swam in a straight line (well, supposed to be) from south to north 2.5 miles with a little bit of current helping us out. There were only about 50 or so people who swam that distance, and it spread out pretty fast. I pretty much felt like I was swimming alone in the ocean for 1 hour and 42 minutes! I do not like swimming in the ocean alone; I don't like swimming in the ocean with only Dustin; I have always needed a group to feel safe, and there was definitely NOT a group anywhere! I was swallowing all kinds of salt water, weaving left and right, and trying to block out the fact that I was swimming in a huge body of water with all kinds of creatures (I think I touched a jelly fish!). I truly have a fear of doing what I did this morning, and I feel so good that my mind was strong enough to overcome it. That gave me an enormous amount of confidence, even though the pains in my back, neck, and shoulders were not helping my confidence! Dustin did very well too and finished in 1 hour and 38 minutes. Oh yeah, and I won my age group for females 25-29. Now, I'm not going to tell you that I was the only person in my age group though! I guess it isn't the popular thing to do for 25 year old women on a Saturday morning. I got a cool goggle case for my prize, so I'm happy! Some thoughts going through my mind on the swim were, "why the heck am I doing this? And, I'm using our friend, Kellie's line of "because I can!" I had to keep telling myself that and keeping positive thoughts going through my mind to get the sharks and jellyfish thoughts out of my head!

Oh yeah, then afterwards, we biked 60 miles to St. Augustine and back and did the Vilano bridge twice and some intervals too! Our new friend, Martin went with us, even though he is a faster biker than we are. He helped push us though. It was hard after the swim because my shoulders and neck hurt so bad!!! We ran a mile afterwards just to make sure our stomachs were okay and they were. Then, we hopped in the ocean to cool our muscles a bit. Now, we are home on the couch watching Scrubs. Tomorrow, we are gonna try to run 16 miles. We will see! Here we come Ironman; we are peaking with our workouts and hopefully we will feel completely ready soon!

A thought as you read this: if you have a fear of something, conquer that fear somehow. I did today and that is a most wonderful feeling to have that your mind is so powerful!


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