Sunday, August 05, 2007

Well, another productive day! We started running this morning at 6:30 AM from our house. Our intention was to run at least 16 miles. Dave came over to test Dustin's mountain bike out for his first tri next weekend. He was nice enough to take a backpack with him full of water, gatorade, gu, endurolytes, and bodyglide (all of which we used).

We wanted to do a long run today after doing a long workout yesterday, because we have heard it is similar to how your legs will feel during the Ironman. I don't know that it was that bad, but they were definitely fatiqued and sore and got more fatigued and more sore as the miles went on. We went up Girvin to Wonderwood to the bridge hills to practice for the Wisconsin hills. We ended up doing 18 miles and didn't feel too bad at all! It was hot and very humid. We were pretty much soaked from 10 minutes into it all the way until we were done 3 hours later. Dave on the bike as our "personal servant" worked out pretty well, that's for sure. We took a dip in the pool when we returned after stretching. Then, we took the boat out for awhile with the new wakeboard tower on it. Dustin loved it and Dave, Dustin and Stuart tried out the tower and made it look easy. We came back home after washing the boat out and I continued my productivity with mail, emails, and business stuff. Then, Dave continued his "personal servant" duties and cooked us some great spicy, garlic basil chicken stir fry with rice. Another productive day, which always puts me in a good mood. I'm so glad that we got that 18 mile run out of the way. We will be trying to do a 20 mile run in the next 2 weeks sometime and a 100 mile ride in Clermont next weekend to get in the massive hills there! We are getting excited already!


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