Monday, September 03, 2007

I haven't been writing too much in this because there isn't too much to write about. I've pretty much been taking it easy since the car accident. My neck was still pretty sore until a couple days ago. We did volunteer at the HOT triathlon and it went well; it felt good to do a little something, but my feet were definitely hurting by the end of the two days. My neck was still stiff and felt very weak at about my C7-T2 area of my spine. On Tuesday, we swam for about 30 minutes in our pool and my neck was still stiff. I got a back massage from Monica at Massage Envy on Wednesday night and that helped loosen me up a bit. Thursday was my first real workout and we did Bob's double spin class for 2 hours 20 minutes. Then, Friday morning, we rode 40 miles at the beach (how did we get our bikes there, you ask? Amber and Stuart let us borrow their four runner and we put our bike rack and bikes on it-they let us borrow it the day before to get our bikes tuned up too-thanks guys!). After our 40 mile ride, we ran a mile to make sure our nutrition still worked. Normally, my neck hurts after about 60 miles, but it hurt after about 20 miles on our ride. I toughed it out though and I can tough it out for 112 miles on Sept 9th! We had to get that last ride in before Dustin took the bikes down (used Amber and Stuart's car again) to drop them off to TriBike Transport where they will drive them all in one piece to Madison so we can pick them up on Saturday before the race. Sunday morning, we ran five miles with Amber, Stuart and Bailey at Ed Austin park and it was hot! My feet felt pretty good while running, but hurt like hell afterwards. I've still been doing ice massage, calf stretches and strengthening, as well as taking an herb pill called turmeric and rubbing lavender oil on them (my Mom sent me an article about natural remedies with anti-inflammatory effects), so we will see if that helps any. I've also been doing a lot of back and neck stretches and we've been eating very healthy and getting all of our equipment, etc. prepared for Thursday when we fly out. So, I still feel like we are busy and doing a lot!

We also watched a movie called "The Secret" that my friend, Susan said we should watch. It was a very unique documentary that I think will help us mentally (and not just for the Ironman), but it's all about thinking positively and visualizing what you want in life, so we have been doing a lot of mental preparation too and that is helping also. I recommend watching it (our blockbuster didn't have it here, but the library did and pay per view did too). I'm gonna go now and pack some more and fix some yummy healthy dinner.


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Hope you are feeling better. Good luck with the ironman.

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