Monday, September 24, 2007

It's almost been a month since we completed the Ironman, and sorry to say that I haven't kept this updated. We were getting back in the swing of things. We met with our Team in Training group the Wednesday after and shared our medals and pictures with them. We had a "Return to Lazy Football Sundays" party the Sunday afterward which was a lot of fun. We kind of had an "open house" from 1 PM when the games started until 11 PM when the games ended. I had barely had a drink of alcohol since the last weekend in July, and decided I needed to catch up in one day I guess. It was pretty cool though, because people dropped by all day and night to tell us congrats and hear our stories. Many of them wanted to toast with a glass of wine, so I couldn't turn them down, could I? It was a fun evening!

The day before that was a 5 mile beach run that we were talked into doing. I envisioned it as being a nice little jog on the beach with Dustin and about 2000 other people. Well, then Dustin got competitive with some of our other friends and they took off! I, of course, couldn't keep up with them, but then I couldn't go "slow" either! Now, I had to "race" a little. I stayed with a couple girls for almost the whole race. My legs felt extremely heavy and my foot hurt a little on the last mile (running on sand isn't the greatest idea 6 days post Ironman). Of course, Dustin and I were wearing our Ironman shirts and hats, and when I finished just behind the girl I was trying to keep up with, I walked over to her and thanked her for pushing me, that she was awesome. She looked at me and and then down at my shirt, and said, "NO, you are awesome!" I wasn't sure if she realized I did do the Ironman so recently, but either way, it was neat to get that respect. I ended up getting 12th in my age group out of 80 something, so that wasn't too bad. The best part of the whole thing was they had free Carrabba's food (and beer for Dustin) afterwards.

Not really much else to mention on the working out front, other than I lifted weights a few times, did Yoga a couple times, the elliptical once, and we ran 5 miles the other day, then a couple days later went to spin class. I was having a nice time relaxing and not feeling like I HAD to do a certain workout. But then came along my wonderful husband's grand idea! He somehow talked me into doing a half ironman distance triathlon October 20th in Clermont (hilly).

So, we did a 40 mile bike and 4 mile run yesterday morning (so much for our return to lazy football sundays!) We were home in time for football though. We really should be swimming or doing something tonight, but Dustin is studying and I am getting other things done.

I guess I decided that I could do the half ironman tri the other night at spin class when Bob's music was jamming away. I remembered how it used to feel when we were pretending we were going up awful hills. I would imagine how the Ironman bike course would feel and I always had positive images. Now, the other night was different; I now knew how it felt out there on the bike course and was able to envision myself back on those hills with everyone screaming my name. I actually had a huge smile on my face in the middle of spin class, pretending I was back on the Ironman course! Then, Bob said, jokingly in his microphone, "You are an Ironman!" and that was awesome! I was re-living the experience, an experience that I always envisioned as being awesome, but not knowing that it was going to go beyond that.

What was crazy about my visions was how true they ended up being. I wrote out my "perfect race" in my journal on the plane ride to Wisconsin. I wrote a lot! I wrote many details and it was probably over 300 lines long. Of those 300 lines, about 290 ended up being true! That is crazy! I would definitely recommend doing that!

We also watched the video (Travis' version) and it was awesome and we re-lived the day. Of course, it seemed so short on video-we wanted it to last longer! It was funny to see what our family went through in trying to find us after coming out of the swim. A couple times, they thought they saw me and shouted and shouted, but it wasn't me!

I know I keep saying this, but we cannot believe how much support we had through this whole process. We owe everyone BIG time! We truly could not have done this without all of our family and friends (and each other). I am not afraid to ask people for help when I think I can't do something on my own. That's why we needed all of you from day one. We honestly couldn't have made it through this "process" without you, so thanks! You know who you are, you training buddies, instructors, and friends, you text messagers, phone messagers, and email messagers for good lucks and congrats, party attendees, those who followed us on the website on race day, and of course, those who literally followed us around on race day in Wisconsin. We will never forget your support and we owe ya!

Now, on to what I am so excited about! I was hoping that our Ironman experience would inspire some of our family to start exercising more and it has! I sent out an email shortly after trying to convince many of our friends and family to do a half marathon in St. Louis in April. It worked! My Mom and Dad have already signed up! Becky, Dustin's Mom has already started her training and recruiting others, and Kendra, her Mom, Susan, and many others have shown interest! I am calling it a family fitness weekend and I am going to organize a pasta party and order shirts for us to do the race in and it's gonna be a blast! So, thank you Ironman for giving all of us the gift of inspiration and motivation!


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