Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vacation? What defines a vacation? I had a meeting this morning at work and I told them I was going on "vacation" and they asked how a triathlon could be considered that? Well, I don't have to work for 6 days straight and I am flying on a plane somewhere to see friends and family, and hope to have an awesome time, so I think it's a vacation! with a little working out thrown in the middle!

We are getting ready to head out to the airport now. We don't get into Milwaukee until after 11 PM, so that sucks. Using "the secret" from the movie, I am visualizing that both legs of our flight will go smoothly and our luggage will arrive quickly and we will still get to bed at a reasonable time. I am really trying to stay positive in every single thing that I say or do. I thought I was a positive person before, but try it, it really is hard to do! But, we are getting positive things in return. I will elaborate more on that later after the race! I keep saying, "I want to feel 100% and be healthy" (you can't even say I don't want my feet to hurt or neck to hurt because that is talking about what you don't want). I keep visualizing myself crossing that finish line after having fun the whole time!

I rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes earlier and did a good full body stretch. That felt really good! I've still been doing neck stretches, calf stretches and icing my foot, as well as taking my turmeric and rubbing my lavender oil on my feet.

We went to the Hammerhead meeting last night and got a lot of good lucks, so thanks everyone for that. I have to leave for the airport now! We are so ready!


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