Saturday, September 08, 2007

We are here in Madison getting ready to get some breakfast on Saturday morning. It's been awesome weather so far and Ironman Village is really cool. We are registered and we are turning our transition bags in today. My parents are here already and then all of Dustin's family will get here today for lunch. We are planning on trying to stay off of our feet today as much as possible. Everything is going well; we're feeling relatively relaxed and ready to go. We went to the Pasta Party last night hosted by Ford and Mike Reilly was the announcer. We had some good pasta and got pumped up. Then the race directors got up and scared the living **** out of us about making the bike cut off and people having wrecks and all that crap.

We have had such unbelievable support throughout this whole process, but we've been getting so many emails recently, like about 50 that we don't have time to respond to every one, but we want to. We want to say thank you for thinking of us! We want to say that hopefully we won't let down all of the people who are tracking us tomorrow! Yikes Tomorrow! Well, if for some reason there is a lapse in our tracking and you are wondering what is going on, you can call our friend Dave to find out what is going on 904-382-8258. He made the trip from Jacksonville to cheer us on and will hopefully be fairly informed on race day if he doesn't stop by too many bars along the way.

Anyway, gotta go, but thanks again for everyone's support. I can't believe how many people have said they are actually reading my blog. I might be able to write again before tomorrow, but we'll see. We'll be pretty busy when our family gets here. We are ready to rock this Ironman!


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