Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Again, I've fallen behind with updating this, but I promise to be better. I will keep the name of this blog the same, despite me contemplating whether I should change it to "journal of a real navy wife." Dustin left on Tuesday on his ship for a deployment of over 2 months. It was a pretty cool site to see with all the sailors manning (and womaning) the rails on the way out to the ocean. Amber (our neighbor and good friend) went with me and it helped a lot! I only cried once when I hugged him for the last time. We stood outside the fences looking in for about an hour and a half, taking pictures and still being able to text and call on our cell phones to each other. Then, Amber and I drove to the beach and climbed up on the jetty of rocks to give them one last wave goodbye! It was a great site and he was able to call me as they were passing and we spotted eachother. We stayed on the beach for awhile watching them get further and further away and took some more pictures. I felt bad leaving when we could still see the ship, but I couldn't stay out there all day-I had patients to see and things to do-thank goodness I can keep myself pretty busy. That's why I am doing so good right now and hopefully I will keep busy. Of course I miss him, but I'm just fine right now, getting back into my independent woman groove that I had 7 years ago BD (Before Dustin). I have worked out every day (swimming, running, lifting weights, and did Pilates class tonight) and I won a membership to a spa down the road at a silent auction last weekend, so I went there today too!

I feel like I have a lot of jobs while he is gone. 1. To be a good wife and email him a lot 2. To be a good to my inlaws and rest of the family and keep them updated with everything 3. To do my regular five different physical therapy jobs 4. To coach the triathlon team-harder without Dustin here to help 5. To be a good friend to those I've been ignoring in the past due to my wanting to spend time with Dustin 6. Housekeeper 7. Housing maintenance person 8. Yard worker (although I think I am hiring someone to do that 9. Bookeeper of our finances (which Dustin loves to do and I hate to do) 10. Chef (no fun cooking for one by myself) 11. Dieter (I want to look better for him when he returns

I think those shall keep me pretty busy! So, I feel like a dork because I keep the computer on all day and night and keep checking my email to see if he emailed me! I get so freakin excited when I get an email from him! He's been able to email 3 short emails just saying that he is safe, so that's good! He said he ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill and lifted weights this morning! Also, I sent him pictures of all the family and close friends and snuck them into his bag, so he found them yesterday and loved them. I also snuck a little checklist for every day that he is gone reminding him to do things like take his vitamins, floss, check his daily reminders on his laptop, workout, email me, etc. He liked that too and said he stuck the pictures and the list above his head in his rack so when he wakes up, he sees those first!

So, this is really ironic, but I was just getting ready to write that this is the first day in the last 7 years that I didn't hear Dustin's voice, when, guess what!? He called! It showed up as a 757 number and it was really delayed so we kept cutting each other off for 29 minutes! The $20 phone cards that I got him get him about 250 minutes of talk time. Here's the jist of info I got from him:

He was calling from the ward room and a good time to make phone calls is 8-10 PM. Since we are on the same time zone, that makes it easier! He is really busy all during the day, he's taking a class right now that deals with fighting people off with batons and taking them to the ground. Then here's the part that makes me mad......on Saturday, they spray them in the eyes with pepper spray and they have to find their weapons and do the same maneuvers they have been practicing with their sight. Why such torture of pepper spray to the eyes!!! I think that's stupid, but I guess that's why I'm not in the military. Dustin said since he has to do it, he's just going to be positive towards it, but I think it sucks! He also said that they have to report to the front of the ship at 7 AM every morning and that the sunrise looks pretty cool. He also said that he stood conning officer today (which means he's telling people how fast to drive the ship and in what direction to head). He seemed pretty proud that he was already doing that after only 2 days aboard the Farragut. He sounded really good, but a little tired. He said he will be trying for 10 bed time and waking up at 4:45 to work out and get to breakfast by 6:00 AM and then starting work at 7 AM. Dinner is at 6 PM and he said it's a bit hard to try to eat healthy, but he's trying.

So, I guess that's it other than I might fly to Curacao to see him at the end of August, so that would be really cool...we are still working out the details for that, so I'll let you know. It's 10:14 now, so I guess I better eat some dinner! Yikes!


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Yup, that pretty much sums it up. The only thing Angie missed was that we muster on the flight deck in the morning, which is on the back of the ship. Other than that,she pretty much nailed it. I will try to make some comments to her blog occasionally and add some stuff. Talk to you later. Dustin

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