Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm off tomorrow to see Dustin and I canNOT wait! I'm getting ready to go to bed soon if I can sleep! We've been following Gustav, the tropical storm and we are clear of it. We'll see what tropical storm Hanna has in store for Florida. Hopefully I will time my travel perfectly and not hit any of it. I've become a weather channel addict though; even tracking longitude and latitude on our map!!! I talked to my parents tonight and they sounded worried, but it's all going to be fine. They don't like that I am traveling alone to a small island like that.

Half of my suitcase is Dustin's stuff that I am bringing for him, like more workout clothes, sunscreen, more phone cards, dress clothes, and TOILET PAPER! He's a girl like that and needs nice soft toilet paper :)

I got done with Team in Training practice, came home, ran some leftovers over to Amber and Stuart, came back and ate dinner, showered, did my paperwork and put it in the mail to four different offices, caught up on emails, and now I'm gonna do some dumbell work before I go to bed to tire myself out!

I will try to update this if we have internet access in Curacao!


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