Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So, most of you have been getting Dustin's emails with his pictures of his Carribean cruise and his excursions! He is heading off on another "excursion" that I'm not that excited about. He tells me that it is an awesome experience and that others have done it and suggested it to him. So, basically, he is boarding a Columbian war ship for over a week! He gets to see how other countries operate and I guess it's more laid back than the US! The bad thing is that he will probably not have any access to phone or email. I am used to him emailing me short emails everyday and calling me every couple of days. I guess I am spoiled because that's usually not what happens on deployments. But, I have been happy to know that he is safe everyday and now I will not know that, so that sucks!

I will be keeping super busy with work, trainings, going out, kayaking, BBQs, Jaguar Games, and fundraisers (and that only takes me through Sunday), so hopefully I won't have too much time to worry about him. I'm not usually a worrier, so I think I'll be okay. I just hope he has fun and learns something (like how he needs to be on a ship with email).

Okay, well, gotta go watch the Olympics now! I am recording them during the day and staying up late watching the prime time coverage and it's tiring me out! I sure wish I would have been able to qualify for the olympics in something! That would be so awesome!


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