Sunday, August 24, 2008

So, Tropical Storm Fay has finally left us! It was pretty bad on Thursday with high winds and LOTS of rain! A bunch of places in Jacksonville flooded, but we were lucky where we are. A lot of people were without electricity, but thankfully, ours just flickered a few times. I don't know what I would have done if I wouldn't have been able to use the computer or watch the Olympics! I saw a few patients each day (wed-fri it was raining constantly), but I still was going stir crazy, because I couldn't get outside to run, bike, or even walk! Yesterday on Saturday was the first time I saw sunshine since Tuesday! My body was definitely Vit D depleted! It felt good to get out and run yesterday and then I went to our friends poker party to raise more money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. On Friday night, Amber and Stuart and I went bowling at Beach Bowl, where Richard and Beth were bartending, so that was fun!

So, while Tropical Storm Fay was coming our way, Dustin was still out on his Colombian ship with no email or phone. I just had to forget all about him, or I would worry about him. Apparently he was worrying about me though, because the Colombians let him use their emergency phone on Wed night to call me to make sure I was okay, but we were only able to talk for 2 minutes! The storm wasn't that bad yet at that time. Then, he called me on Thursday evening to tell me he was back on the US ship-thank goodness! It was good to hear his voice and know that he was safe. I still don't really understand why he went, but it's over now. He told me he rode in a helicopter down pretty close the water (glad I didn't know that ahead of time) and that he got to see how a different navy operated and brushed up on his Spanish. I guess he will be sending an email soon with pictures from that excursion.

He sent me this one about his schedule:
My schedule is like this. We are 4 section and there are 5 watches. 7am-12pm, 12pm—5pm, 5pm-10pm, 10pm-2am, 2am-7amSunday the 2-7 is actually 3-8 because breakfast is later. So tonight I have the 3-8 then tomorrow evening I have the 10pm-2am. Then the next day is 5pm-10pm and so forth. That will be hard to get used to. I was the conning officer today and we practiced man overboard drills so that was cool. They throw a human size dummy overboard and we have to bring the ship around as fast as possible and pull up real close and stop. It’s harder than it sounds, but pretty fun. Ok, gotta go to sleep. We’re back on your time zone now. It’s 9:14 so I’ll only get about 4 and a ½ hours of sleep. I will try to call you tomorrow. The phones were still not working today when I tried, but that was before dinner, so I’m hoping tomorrow it will be fine or else there will be a lot of people complaining.

He did get to call me earlier today and told me that they were doing a swim call, where they get to jump in the ocean for 10 minutes and swim around, so he was excited about that. Then, they are having a poker tournament to raise money for something tonight. So, it sounds like he is being entertained!

Also, I'm going to meet up with him next Friday and I can't wait. He did get leave approved for the whole time I am there, but the bad thing is that he has to be back on the ship at midnight the night before I leave, so that sucks! Maybe when I get there, I can sweet talk the captain into letting Dustin spend the night with me instead of on the ship! We'll see! We don't really have any plans for the trip yet, but there is a casino in the hotel, so I'm sure we will be hitting that! We will also be sharing a lot of pictures with each other that we have been taking over the last month. I'm hoping they have wireless internet in the hotel, so I can put a little update on this blog and check my email and all that.

Ok, gotta go watch the last day of Olympics now! I can't believe they are already over. I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself now! Hopefully I'll get to write in the blog more.


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