Monday, September 29, 2008

I have been horrible about keeping up on this! Between posting pictures of everything I've been doing and emailing Dustin and everyone else in the family to keep them updated, I haven't had the energy at the end of the night to blog!

A little catching up: Had a bicycle wreck at the Watermelon 100 mile ride at the end and hurt my shoulder, hip, and hand, but they are healed now! I was so lucky! The next weekend was the Nations Tri which I coached for Team in Training. Thankfully I wasn't participating in it! All five of them completed the triathlon and did very well and I think they all had fun too! That was in DC the second week of September.

The third weekend was the MS 150 which was really a two day 172 mile ride between St. Augustine and Daytona and it was tons of fun! I rode with a great group of people and we partied too hard on Saturday night and then had to ride back the next day. I definitely want to do that again and now someone just told me there is another one from Miami to Key Largo in May! Hmmmmmmm.

After the MS ride, I REALLY wanted to talk to Dustin. It felt like I accomplished something and everything like that, he and I have shared over the last 7 years, so something was missing after we finished. He did not get to call. In fact, I didn't talk to him for over a week, until just the other day when he was finally able to call. It felt like forever, since I was spoiled with him calling every 3-4 days. Email was usually available, so that was good, but there's nothing like hearing his voice! He called me tonight also for the first time without a delay since seeing him in Curacao. It was weird because we still talked like we were expecting a delay! We are both getting very excited to see each other! This Friday, Dustin's Mom and I fly to Ft. Lauderdale and meet up with the ship. He was supposed to have duty so he wouldn't have been able to get off the ship, but his friend Mark took his duty for him so he could see us and also meet up with Ruben and Michelle. So, we will all go out for dinner and then we got a hotel that night. We then board the ship before 7 AM on Saturday and ride it back into Jacksonville! It's gonna be so much fun! I canNOT wait to see him!

I sent him some stuff in the mail (I won't say what because if he reads this he will find out), but I sent it before I went to Curacao and he STILL hasn't gotten it, so that means he won't get it until he sees me, so that kind of spoils it, but oh well. I just hope it gets to him sometime and didn't get lost in the mail!

So, the whole Navy wife thing isn't that bad. I do miss him a lot, but I have great friends here who have kept me so busy that I don't have time to miss him! Last weekend, I went kayaking and to a wine tasting on Saturday and met some friends to watch football on Sunday. I was planning on getting stuff ready for his arrival this weekend, but that didn't work out too well. So, I'm going to have a busy Tuesday-Friday until I leave! I have so much to do! Right now I'm making a shrimp and grits casserole that I have been meaning to make since he left, because he doesn't like grits! I made a scallops recipe that was really good the other night because he doesn't like scallops! I'm trying to get that all out before he comes back so all we will make are things we both like! I can't wait to sip wine and cook with him! I can't wait to run and bike with him, I can't wait to do absolutely nothing with him!

He gets back on Sunday and then on Monday, he starts a four week school from 7-4 everyday! He also may have duty every 3rd day, which means he will spend the night on the ship all of those nights! We will find that out soon. Because he's in the school, he shouldn't have to stand duty, but there are some jackasses on board that think they should have to. I sure hope not. That would mean that he would have duty on Monday, the first day. If he does, I'm gonna make him dinner and bring it to the ship for him. I will probably be doing that when he will have his normal duty days every 6th day for however long! They will be going out again in November but not for very long, thank goodness!

Okay, so I have so much to do that I can't even think, so I will try to update this once more before I see him, but I'm not making any promises.


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