Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's been awhile, sorry! So much has happened since September! As you can tell, I don't get much done when Dustin is around because we are out having fun! We have done so much since my last entry. I rode on his ship, we celebrated his return with a billion happy hours, had a few parties here and there, ran a half marathon in KC with Dustin's family in October, and I got to visit my neices for awhile then too. My tennis teammates from college came out for a fun visit! We ran another half marathon on Thanksgiving day, then had lunch and drove to NC to go skiing at Sugar Mountain for a couple days. We went home for Christmas to the midwest where it was very cold, then Dustin left again on January 4th and he will be gone for another week or so! I'm sure I missed a lot of things in there, but those were some of the highlights.

It's weird because on his two months of his deployment, because of our Curacao trip, we saw eachother about every month. It seemed to go by fast even though I missed him a lot. Well, THESE few weeks are going by really slowly and I think it all has to do with being prepared. We were prepared for the other ones and this one we thought it was so short it would fly by. But, it hasn't even though I've been super busy! My friends are keeping my very busy and training for this whole marathon thing again has been a big priority. I am also the data entry person for our triathlon club in this national club challenge. So, I enter over 90 members swim, bike, and run miles into this website for competition with other clubs throughout the nation. Right now, we are 3rd out of 56 teams. San Diego is kicking our butts, but that is about to change! Just to give you an idea of how many miles I am entering, we have 28,019.53 miles right now. I am not a huge contributor by any means, but I have logged 5.66 swim miles, 369 bike miles, and 160 run miles since Dec 1st. I would have more miles, but I have to spend so much time on the computer entering them in, that takes away from my training! :) No, for real though, I am really hoping to run the Breast Cancer Marathon on Feb 15th in under 4 hours and I think I can do it! With the help of a few close friends, we have been doing long runs while Dustin has been away and we have averaged around 8:45 miles for 18 miles. And, I gotta give props to my hubby, because he actually did a 17 miler and an 18 miler the next weekend on a treadmill on the ship! I don't think I could ever do that, but he said he was going to, so he did! Crazy! I can't wait for Feb 1st when we get to run 20 miles together along with some other people training for the same marathon!

I've also just been asked to be a race director for Girls on the Run. We volunteered for them a couple times, but nothing as big as race director, so I am hoping to team up with someone else to share the duties and then go for it. The race will be in May, and our next triathlon is May 9th, another half ironman in Panama City, so I will be a very busy bee until then if I say yes. It's hard for me to say no to things, so we will see.

I gotta share a story from this morning. I had an 8 AM appt at Nissan for my car cause it was making a rattling noise. I had decided last week that I would bike or run home from there and then use Dustin's car for work. However, I didn't plan on it being 27 degrees in Florida, so the bike was definitely out! But I thought to myself, "what the heck, I used to run in these temps all the time in St. Louis, even long runs!" So, I left the dealership off on my sidewalk trek home (you should have seen the looks on the service guys faces when I said I was going to run home!) It was pretty freaking cold with the wind, but I had a heavy jacket on, so I was sweating profusely by the time I got a mile down the road. It was only about 3 miles to home, but I added another mile, so I got four miles in! The crazy thing was that I had to dodge ice on the sidewalks a few times, yes ICE in FLORIDA! I was just laughing and couldn't wait to get home.....its crazy how used to warm weather a person can get. I haven't lived in the midwest in almost 7 years and I hate the weather when we go back for the holidays. I think I'm officially a warm state girl, although right now, we aren't considered warm. Well, maybe we are in comparison, say with Wisconsin and Minnesota.......feeling for you guys up there! Yikes!

Thanks for reading the blog and hope to keep in touch with everyone! Miss you all!
Well, I'm not promising anything for future entries, but