Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, I guess this blog can turn into it's name again......after a couple bottles of wine the other night, I signed up for Ironman Louisville on August 29th, 2010. It was a bit of a crazy decision, but one I think I needed to do. I'm sure I could have kept myself busy when Dustin is deployed, but this will give me the extra motivation that I need. I am super excited and thank you to Amber, Stuart, Kat, Kendra, Dustin, and Wolf for helping me make the decision. Wolf is a friend who we met through another friend and he just so happens to be a professional triathlete. So, I think I'm actually going to have him coach me starting in January. I think I need that accountability since I won't have Dustin to train with this time. It will be a much different Ironman training experience, but one that I am looking forward to, so I'll keep you posted on my progress.

So, as far as dealing with being a Navy wife, well it sure is hard at times.....he's been gone, then here, then gone a LOT in the last few months. He left again November 2nd and I have hardly been able to talk on the phone with him at all this time, which has really sucked. He wasn't as much of a part of my Ironman decision as I would have liked and I think he felt a little left out, but what am I supposed to do.....wait for the Navy to make all my decisions and plans. I don't think so, or I would be waiting a long time. Their schedules change so much that it's always a hurry up and wait thing and I don't do well with that. Everyone knows I'm not a patient person, but I have been forced to get better with that in the last few months!

I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving when Dustin's family comes in town, and then in mid December I am surprising Dustin with a trip before we DRIVE home for Christmas to Kansas and then Missouri, then coming home to host a New Years Eve/Dustin going away party! Then, he will be going to Rhode Island for three weeks while his ship leaves on deployment. So, yes, his ship will leave without I am going to travel up there with him and do a travel PT assignment for 3 weeks as long as everything gets transferred for my license, so that will be different. I've never done home health in the cold, good thing I just bought a real coat! Then, after that 3 weeks, the Navy will fly him out to the ship, either from RI or from here in Jax, so that's going to be a weird time because we won't know when he will leave and we might get a call last minute saying he has to leave. That's going to be hard, but I'm glad that I at least get a few more weeks with him.

So, I did a 1.5 hour bike and a quick 10 minute run on the beach yesterday. Now, I'm getting ready to go see a patient up in Fernadina Beach (where they have nice bike lanes and pretty scenary) so I'm taking my bike and all my gear and will ride after I see them. I am slow this week with patients, so I get to do some of this fun stuff in the middle of the week. My other goal this week is to actually ride to a patients house on my bike (I think when I get there, I'll just slip my scrubs over my bike shorts and walah (spelling???), cyclist turns Physical Therapist! I hope I don't sweat too much on the way over there. Then, I can just strip down the scrubs, put em in my backpack, along with my paperwork and ride back home......we will see if that happens or not. If I get busier with work, it won't be possible.

Okay, gotta actually go to work now. I will hopefully do better about writing in this. Angie


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